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Your energy costs are necessarily going to skyrocket

Remember, folks, when you see more and more of your family’s budget for food, housing, health care, and everything else being eaten away by the ever-increasing cost of heating your home and getting to and from work every day: THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT. THIS IS WHAT YOU VOTED FOR.

You fucking idiots.

Chris Hayes: We’re talking about the massive, extractive energy boom happening in America right now and how it’s transforming our politics and how that can be made to work with a sane climate policy, which is really the difficult question. Before the break I left the question on the table about the price of energy being too low right now. Basically we see this massive amount of supply has come onto the grid thanks largely to natural gas. The price has come down, and I think we generally think, “Oh, lower prices are better.” But it seems to me there’s a lot of problematic stuff about the price coming down sharply as it is right now in terms of incentives for efficiency and et cetera.

Dan Dicker: You would want the prices to go up a lot because it would drive the next stage towards renewables, and make that at least cost-effective. Algae fuel, we talk a lot about that…

C.H.: Some people talk about that.

D.D.: Yeah. The cost is about eight and a half to nine dollars a gallon compared to gasoline as it is now. You want the prices to go up to make these a little more cost effective. Drive the technology into them. Unfortunately it’s actually going quite the opposite. You talk about increased supply here in the United States. In fact, overseas demand is dropping. We are still in the midst of an economic problem in Europe. Chinese growth is going down. Indian growth seems to be going down. In this country we’ve done better in terms of efficiencies and our demands are starting to drop, so in terms of what economically you can expect, you will expect the opposite, or at least I do over the next several years, that oil prices will in fact go lower. Natural gas you can – because we have a futures market, we look forward to the future and see what people are betting the price is going to be. That doesn’t go over 5$ an MCF until 2020 according to the futures markets. So although you might want… we have to drive the renewable argument some other way, because price doesn’t look like it’s going to do it.

Frances Beinecke: Look, the only thing that’s going to change that is if we finally put a price on carbon.

Emphasis Jazz Shaw’s throughout. As for the imbecilic “finally put(ting) a price on carbon,” the market already does that. It has also put a price on those other pie-in-the-sky “alternatives,” which is why they’re completely nonviable without government manipulation: interference which distorts the market and costs the hapless, much-put-upon subjects of liberal-fascist governance a lot of money. What they really mean instead is that they want to punish the use of carbon-based fuels, and those who rely on them. Which basically means all of us who don’t wish to live in a cave or have a commute to work longer than we can comfortably walk or bicycle.

The thing that finally squares the Progressivist circle-jerk is this: liberal-fascist douchebags want you to pay higher and higher taxes, which stolen money they will then use to force you to pay more for energy that actually works and is plentiful and readily available, so you can then be forced to pay even more for energy that doesn’t work, isn’t readily available (some of it, like those “algae fuels,” doesn’t even exist), and that nobody wants. This, to them, is “smart” and “efficient” and “responsible” and “sustainable” and “winning the future.”

They are morons–insidious, yes; perfidious, yes; pernicious, yes; cunning and conniving, yes; blankly, blithely evil, yes. But in the end: morons. And if you voted for them, and intend to continue to do so, so are you.

Update! You’ll get nothing, and like it.

“On the face of it, it looks like a good deal. They talk about all these huge jobs and long-term benefits to the county. The truth is, it’s a very short term,” Riverside County Supervisor John Benoit said. “We’re going to be carrying the burden of having these types of facilities for decades to come, and because of the incentives that have been provided by federal and state government, there’s virtually nothing left for the county government or the local people to get benefit back after the small number of construction jobs are gone.”

Unlike Riverside’s 500 megawatt natural gas-fired facility, which pays $6 million a year in property taxes, a solar plant being built a few miles away will pay next to nothing, just $96,000.  When Riverside balked at its own upfront infrastructure costs and tried to impose an impact fee, the industry sued.

Solar also promised to be a cheap source of power, fueled by the sun. What the industry didn’t say is the technology only converts a fraction of the sun’s energy, and the intermittent nature of sunshine does not produce the power promised.

And Stanford economist Frank Wolak, a California energy expert, said solar could boost consumer energy bills up to 50 percent, a finding similar to the state Public Utilities Commission. Solar power from two recently approved plants range from $100 to $200 per megawatt hour, at least 8 times higher than the $16 consumers pay for natural gas.

“It’s probably 50 percent more (than coal or natural gas) today,” Benoit said. “Five years ago, it was probably a 100 or 150 percent more costly to generate a kilowatt with solar. The cost of these panels has come down dramatically. But still, getting back to the old equation, do you want to spend a little bit more to be green? And the legislature and the governor in California have said clearly, we’re going to do that.”

Answering critics at a solar ribbon-cutting earlier this year, Gov. Jerry Brown laid down the gauntlet, affirming his commitment to solar energy and saying he would “crush” opponents of solar.

“There are going to be screw-ups. There are going to be bankruptcies. There’ll be indictments and there’ll be deaths. But we’re going to keep going – and nothing’s going to stop me,” Brown said.

Spoken like a true liberal-fascist tyrant. And a wholly typical one. “Nothing’s going to stop me”–not facts, not logic, not reality that fails to conform to liberal fantasy every single time. Not abject failure to fulfill even a single promise, not ridiculous and unnecessary expense, not suffering on the part of his subjects, who are powerless to do a damned thing about any of it. Nothing. Straight on ahead with the tyrant’s muttonhead agenda, no matter what. You can be completely assured that he means it, and is not hyperbolizing or overstating even slightly.

Good. And. Hard.

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6 thoughts on “Your energy costs are necessarily going to skyrocket

  1. Basically we see this massive amount of supply has come onto the grid thanks largely to natural gas. The price has come down, and I think we generally think, “Oh, lower prices are better.” But it seems to me there’s a lot of problematic stuff about the price coming down sharply as it is right now in terms of incentives for efficiency.

    Efficiency IS lower prices. That is (or was intended to be) the point of efficiency.

    If you recall, it was HIGH prices — mostly for oil — that led to the push for “efficiency”. You know, lower supply, fear of shortages, talk of how fossil fuels are finite, “peak oil”, etc; … all ostensibly leading to skyrocketing prices. That was the propaganda then.

    Along comes proof that fossil fuels — coal, gas, and oil — are all plentiful … domestically.

    Now the fear is that LOW PRICES (via the market) will interfere with their attempts to bring LOW PRICES through “efficiency”.

    So, we’ve got to artificially cause HIGH PRICES to prevent naturally occurring LOW PRICES so that we can create LOW PRICES through “efficiency” (which, they can’t; and never intended to). That’s the propaganda now.

    Even Orwell would be stunned into silence by the way they use warped anti-logic to contort the language into uselessness.

  2. And thus, the long march into oblivion continues abreast. A finer collection of necks deserving of a rope there never were. It’s high time that people rediscover the best use for streetlights and cordage. Nothing of substance is going to change until we start killing these bastards.


  3. You guys are missing the big picture. Yes it’s true that in the short term eight dollars for a gallon of gasoline may cause a little hardship. Naturally as a consequence of a massive spike in fuel costs, the price of every product that relies on the distribution industry to reach the point of sale is necessarily going to skyrocket, but so what? You get to live here in America. You neocons strut around claiming to be patriots and yet you’re not even willing to pay twice as much for everything you want to buy? Poor people in country some countries are eating maggots right now, and they’re grateful to get them too! Matter of fact, maggots are a pretty nutritious meal all things considered. Gluten free as I recall.

    Mmmm food that starts with Mmmmm is good! Where was I? Oh yeah, patriotism means being willing to pay twice as much for everything because we have it so good and because we don’t deserve to be so rich. Rich people should pay their fair share. And they should have to eat maggots. The end we seek, the goal we vow to fulfill, is world peace no matter how many people have to die to get it. We want equality now! Why should savages in the Sudan have to eat other savages when there’s enough maggots to feed the entire human race? Let “By any means necessary” become your mantra! Every human must have a roof to sleep under, a plate to eat out of and a sufficient quantity of maggots so that no person—no matter how rich—will ever have to go hungry ever again. Isn’t the dream of a grand and perfect utopia of tomorrow worth a little hardship today? When the ends are this worthy, they justify any means no matter how evil.

  4. “When the ends are this worthy, they justify any means no matter how evil.”

    Exactly right. Ends justifying means (absolutely), may be the most concise definition of Leftism.

    But in this case, they’ve gone and outed themselves in that their ends are not what they had once claimed them to be. In fact, the means IS their end. Government prohibition of useful energy.

  5. There are going to be screw-ups. There are going to be bankruptcies. There’ll be indictments and there’ll be deaths. But we’re going to keep going – and nothing’s going to stop me,” Brown said.

    So even if there is criminal activity (which is the ONLY reason to issue “indictments” ), Moonbeam will press on…

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