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Mea maxima culpa

I might as well go ahead and own up before going any further here: I was wrong. In convincing myself that Romney and other classical liberals/real conservatives would win in a walk, I grossly overestimated the intelligence of the American electorate. For that howling miscalculation, I must humbly apologize to you folks.

Heh. See what I did there? At any rate, I solemnly promise that it will never, ever happen again.

Update! Steyn, ever one to bravely look reality in its ugly face, has a few words worth pondering.


6 thoughts on “Mea maxima culpa

  1. Nonsense. They gave us another mediocre candidate, and we voted appropriately.

    Expect that from now on from the Republican party.

    These are the CONSEQUENCES of being the “Stupid party”, and for supporting them no matter how bad they are.

  2. Have to agree with Erik. This election was the R’s to win. I knew it was lost as soon as Romney became the candidate. I remember thinking that the R party could not have picked a worse candidate.

    Conservatives won’t vote for him because he’s a liberal flip-flopper from Masshole, Liberals won’t vote for him because he’s not their chosen God, and independents won’t vote for him because he’s just another boring rich white guy with no charisma who’s entire platform was “vote for me because I’m not the other guy.”

    Yeah, basically the approach that worked so well for Dole in 96 and Kerry in ’04.

  3. Well the coming 4 years are really gonna hurt. Time to start re-learning how to hunt and gather.

  4. These are the CONSEQUENCES of being the “Stupid party”, and for supporting them no matter how bad they are.

    Nonsense. The truth of the matter is there are consequences to staying home when the guy trying to win isn’t your ideal. News flash: He’s unlikely ever TO be an ideal if you’re a single-issue type. 2.5 million people who voted for McCain and whined endlessly about how terrible Obama is stayed home. We lost by a hundred thousand votes or so in three states.

    This mentality is the REASON it is called the stupid party. Rush and others are 110% correct on this simple fact that so many people are effing tone deaf to; when the democrats have a less than ideal candidate, or a scandal, or what have you, they circle the wagons and support them anyway. We form a circular firing squad and head for the moral high ground, as was the case with Akin.

    If ONE TENTH of those aforementioned couch surfers had gotten off their ass and voted, we’d have a President who doesn’t intend to destroy the goddamn country.

    If you’re going to sit and home and grumble about how non-perfect our guys are, at ANY level of government– YOU are the ones fiddling while Rome burns.

  5. Yep, it’s hard to believe that the total that McCain got turned out to be a high water mark rather than kind of a foundation that Romney should have able to build on. There used to be a commenter here called silver deth who was of that ilk. Romney sux so I’m staying home. He’ll just forestall the inevitable, best that it should happen quickly with a second Obama term.

    OK pal, you gots your wish. It’s gonna be painful to watch.

    And even more painful to experience.

    For my money, I’d like to have seen what Mitt and Ryan could have done.

  6. And the good news///

    ta da

    The Establishment is already preparing jeb bush for prez

    clinton in ’16!

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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