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“New Obama ad: Few presidents have faced so many challenges”

And none at all have whined so incessantly and annoyingly about them. I’ll just leave off the part about how he’s failed utterly to successfully resolve any of them, and remind you that A) the ad’s assertion isn’t even remotely true, and anyone who knows anything at all about history knows it, and B) Ogabe was, is, and shall remain a sniveling little bitch.


4 thoughts on ““New Obama ad: Few presidents have faced so many challenges”

  1. Here’s my comment on this that I posted(as never never land) on today’s CL politics forum

    This just in from Bizzaro World (never never land)

    Date: 2012-10-14, 6:47AM MDT
    Reply to: your anonymous craigslist address will appear here

    There must be some leakage from another dimension. I just saw a new ad Klusterfuck released and it’s so far from reality here on Earth, I wonder if there’s a tear in the fiber of the galaxy leaking in bullshit from another plane of existence. Here check this out,

    Every president inherits challenges. Few have faced so many. Four years later, our enemies have been brought to justice. Our heroes are coming home. Assembly lines are humming again. There are still challenges to meet, children to educate, a middle class to rebuild — but the last thing we should do is turn back now.

    Wow huh?

    I guess it’s wonderful that all that good shit is happening on Bizzaro World but that horseshit sure ain’t the story here, is it?

    I mean to start, “few have faced so many”??? Well if you take away the “challenges” that Klusterfuck yaknow, SELF IMPOSED, than there’s really not much left. If he had gone into a coma the day after he was sworn in, face it, things would be a lot better, EVERYWHERE. This recovery(?) from the recession is a joke, we’re heading right back into the shit again only this time with a greatly devalued dollar and almost $6 TRILLION more in debt.

    Plus the Shitster has got the middle east roiling-great fucking plan.

    “our enemies have been brought to justice” OK-ALL RIGHT-fucking bin Laden is dead-WE GET IT, we’ve heard a MILLION times even though you said you wouldn’t “spike the football” Besides, he’s ONE GUY. It was his bunch that just MURDERED and RAPED our ambassador. So fucknutz, you “haven’t brought our enemies to justice” In fact it’s been 1 month and 3 days since our ambassador was MURDERED and RAPED on US SOIL and Klusterfuck hasn’t done jackshit. So kiss off Morgan, ya fucking assdouche.

    “assembly lines are humming” Yeah in fucking China where GM is making over 70%(yep you read that right, SEVENTY PERCENT) of their cars. So fuck off again Morgan with your lies and bullshit.

    “children to educate” Yamean like is $60,000 per year private schools like yours are Klusterfuck or do yamean in DC hell holes where 3 out 4 kids that even get to the 8th grade read at 3rd grade levels. So polish this knob Morgan.

    “a middle class to rebuild” Fuck you and your rebuild shit-just leave us the hell alone.

    Really, some one ought to see about fixing that tear in the galactic wall because the horseshit is pouring in.

  2. I seem to recall in 2008, the economy was on the skids, and the lightbringer promised if he were elected, he would make things better.I have been harping on the whole Biden thing of asking us to use our common sense. Ol’ Joe might want to be careful what he asks for there, because anyone with even a scintilla of it wouldn’t vote for Obama again. Hillary spoke of hitting the ‘reset button’ a while back. Most voters are champing at the bit to jump on it with both feet Nov. 6th.

  3. Few presidents have faced so many challenges and
    none have failed as miserably.

  4. Let us remember that this asshole ran to obtain this office,it was NOT thrust upon him. If the burden was so staggering or the obstacles so formidable why would he have taken the office ? It is time for the pResident and his people to stop all the fucking whining and do their fucking jobs or get the fuck OUT !!!

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