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Groundswell: this is the moment when the wheels come off


Nielsen says 67.2 million people watched the debate last night.

Melissa Clouthier puts that number in perspective…it’s more people than voted for Obama in 2008.

People are paying attention. They don’t like what they’re seeing from pResident Pinhead. And it’s beginning to become obvious enough even to show up in the usual cooked polls.

Absentee Ballot Data Ohio Shows Bad News

…for those who believe Ohio will be as Democrat-heavy or more so than 2008.

A short sample of the shift, with link to the data at the end:

Champaign County: Was +3% GOP, now +23% GOP – 20 point shift.

Columbiana County: Was +9% DEM, now +9% GOP – 18 point shift.

Crawford County: Was +3% DEM, now +12% GOP – 15 point shift.

There’s a lot more, all of it bad for the Democrat Socialists, which means good for America. This tidbit is from a poll, so take it for what it’s worth, but I think we can extrapolate a trend a-building:

A new poll of Illinois’ 10th Congressional District, which includes parts of Cook County, however, suggests the August poll might not be such an aberration. The poll, from WeAskAmerica, finds Obama with just a 2 point lead over Romney, 47-45 in the suburban district. Obama won the district in 2008 by 23 points. 

So here’s what’s going to happen next: we’re going to start seeing some slow leakage in the Enemy Media, as they realize their Golden Child is a dimwitted, petulant loser rather than Jesus v2.0, and decide not to further sacrifice their credibility and The Cause by continuing to so brazenly pimp for the Naked Emperor. Some of that was probably going to come along anyway; it always does eventually, but with cracks beginning to show in the papier-mâché edifice of Obama’s infallibility, it’s going to be worse now.

The more clever among the EM will begin to look into topics and scandals previously considered taboo and buried as unhelpful to Dear Leader; they’ll start asking the tough questions they should have been asking in 2007 to try to restore their now-dead rep as unbiased, adversary-press watchdogs. The dumber ones will double down on stupid and get even more shrill and hysterical trying to keep their zombified King propped up on his stolen throne. Don’t be fooled by any of it.

Obama is going to lose by a landslide of 2010 proportions, if not even worse. Too many of us are fed to the eyeteeth with the naked attempt to hijack our country and drag it off into socialist La-La Land; they’ve gotten us pretty well softened up, but they took their stab at closing the deal a mite prematurely for all that. The presumption, the insults and condescension, the unwarranted, dismissive arrogance, the intolerance for differing views, the rank stupidity of the socialist Left have all become intolerable; they feel secure and smug enough to not go to any great lengths to hide their hatred and contempt for us, and for America, any longer.

As has happened throughout history, their hubris is going to be their undoing. The nice thing is, they’re simply not smart enough to dial it back a bit and get back undercover until they can consolidate their considerable recent gains and plot the next Great Leap Forward; they’re going to shout even louder, get in our faces, punch back twice as hard. It’ll help them exactly as much as you’d expect it to.

George Will describes what it all comes down to:

The presidential campaign, hitherto a plod through a torrent of words tedious beyond words, began to dance in Denver. There a masterfully prepared Mitt Romney completed a trifecta of tasks and unveiled an issue that, because it illustrates contemporary liberalism’s repellant essence, can constitute his campaign’s closing argument.

Barack Obama, knight of the peevish countenance, illustrated William F. Buckley’s axiom that liberals who celebrate tolerance of other views always seem amazed that there are other views. Obama, who is not known as a martyr to the work ethic and who might use a teleprompter when ordering lunch, seemed uncomfortable with a format that allowed fluidity of discourse.

His vanity — remember, he gave Queen Elizabeth an iPod whose menu included two of his speeches — perhaps blinds him to the need to prepare. And to the fact that it is not lese-majeste to require him to defend his campaign ads’ dubious assertions with explanations longer than the ads. And to the ample evidence, such as his futile advocacy for Democratic candidates and Obamacare, that his supposed rhetorical gifts are figments of acolytes’ imaginations.

America can be the society it was when it had a spring in its step, a society in which markets — the voluntary collaboration of creative individuals — allocate opportunity. Or America can remain today’s depressed and anxious society of unprecedented stagnation in the fourth year of a faux recovery — a bleak society in which government incompetently allocates resources in pursuit of its perishable certitudes and on behalf of the politically connected.

One debate does not an election make, and that shouldn’t be forgotten. But I honestly expect a blowout in November, failing some masterstroke from Obama–who, while devious, incomparably sleazy, and cunning even as he descends into desperation, is very damned far from being the omnipotent genius his deluded followers believe him to be. All it has taken to deflate him is a good, hard look at what he really is, under bright lights from whose illumination he couldn’t easily dance away. If Romney can maintain his determination to keep jabbing needles into the overinflated gasbag, the election ought to be his in a walk. We’ll see.


5 thoughts on “Groundswell: this is the moment when the wheels come off

  1. “The presumption, the insults and condescension, the unwarranted, dismissive arrogance, the intolerance for differing views, the rank stupidity of the socialist Left have all become intolerable; they feel secure and smug enough to not go to any great lengths to hide their hatred and contempt for us, and for America, any longer.”

    Projection here that makes IMAX look like a Viewmaster.

    I’m trying to help here, but fear it is pharmaceutical aid you require.

  2. You can tell when they’ve really been breached under the waterline – the trolls show up to “help”.

    I am greatly amused by the lack of self-awareness, though. Rarely have a seen a troll quote a sentence critical of the left, and then so quickly prove it true. It usually takes at least a couple of paragraphs for a leftist troll to accomplish that.

  3. We’ve gone over this many times before Onelegged. You’ll want to catch up to the current state of the discussion before feigning concern.

  4. Keep plucking that chicken, Onelegged. Don’t let it get the best of ya.

  5. knight of the peevish countenance,

    Now that is a great description of the Won.

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