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Good enough for government work?

Right enough, as far as it goes.

BOSTON, Mass. — After a day spent waging bi-coastal combat with the Obama campaign, Mitt Romney’s team in Boston earned the highest compliment Rush Limbaugh has ever paid them Thursday afternoon: “I’m telling you,” he said. “This is not the McCain campaign.”

Once-skeptical conservatives knew exactly what he meant. In the eyes of many on the right, John McCain’s 2008 presidential bid was a disaster not because he lost, but because he refused to fight. Conservatives believe McCain bought into a liberal media narrative that personal attacks on Barack Obama were unseemly and even racist. The conservative caricature of Candidate McCain that emerged in the wake of the Republicans’ defeat wasn’t of an unreliable moderate — rather, it was one of an Establishment figure paralyzed by political correctness, and unwilling to go blow for blow with Obama.

Who also happened to be an unreliable, untrustworthy moderate who was not only not truly conservative, but openly hostile to conservatives often enough.

Truth is, Romney doesn’t have the kind of record of gratuitously snootering conservatives that McCain does, but I still don’t trust him at all. Which doesn’t mean that I’m not going to gleefully endorse every least slap in the face he deals out to the silly socialist prick currently infesting the White House, mind. Whether that eventually ends up being enough to get me and others like me to outright support him…well, time will tell on that, I guess.

The unapologetically aggressive tone of Romney’s campaign is manifest at every turn — from his aides’ fierce Twitter wars, to the candidate’s surprise press conference at failed green solar company Solyndra, and the campaign’s continued refusal to apologize for Donald Trump’s outlandish conspiracy theories about Obama’s birth certificate.

And why the hell should he? In the first place, he’s not responsible for Trump’s position on anything–and no, accepting Trump’s support is NOT tantamount to endorsing those positions. As for “apologies” for positions held by someone else, you liberals have the right to petulantly demand one the minute Ogabe unequivocally takes responsibility for Wright, Ayers, Dohrn, Alinksi, Van Jones, and Cloward-Piven–all of whom have advocated positions and beliefs Ogabe himself has held throughout his life, and only abandoned as a ruse when it became politically necessary–and not before. Until then, screw every last one of you in the liver with a rusty railroad spike.

Kevin Madden, a Romney adviser, said they’re simply making good on their promise in the primaries to take the fight to Obama.

“As a campaign, we won’t cede even an inch when it comes to delivering the governor’s message,” he said.

And Romney himself said his supporters were merely responding to rowdy Democratic behavior.

“And at some point you say, ‘You know what, sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander,'” he said. “If they’re going to be heckling us, why we’re not going to sit back and play by very different rules. If the president is going to have his people coming to my rallies, and heckling, why, we’ll show them that, you know, we conservatives have the same kind of capacity he does.”

Damned straight. The appropriate response to outrageous Democrat Socialist accusations against conservatives of racism, stealing the last crust of bread from the bleeding lips of the deserving, starving poor to enrich themselves, and an inchoate desire to destroy the environment and kill puppies is NOT to whimper and curl up into a fetal ball, then issue a 678 page position paper analyzing why federal corn-silk regulations hindered economic growth by a startling thirteen percent in the last third of the first quarter. It’s to punch them in their pinched, sallow faces with brass knuckles, again and again and again, until they quack like a duck, their eyes roll back in their heads, and blood pours from their ears like water from a tap.

Figuratively speaking, of course.

The word “RINO” is actually a misnomer; the GOP is most decidedly NOT a conservative party, and all we’re ever going to get from them is one mushy moderate after another. This country won’t be restored by moderates, no matter how hard they may fight for their losing-more-slowly “principles.” But if that’s all we have to work with for the nonce, then yeah, I’d ten times rather see one that is at least willing to openly call a socialist a socialist, and doesn’t take their lies and slanders lying down.

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7 thoughts on “Good enough for government work?

  1. I’ll concede that Willard Fillmoure Romneycare is putting up more of a fight than I expected.

    Still not going to support him in any way. But yeah, I’ll clap and cheer while two socialist monkeys cut each other to ribbons in a knife fight. The best kind of war – where both sides tearing each other apart have it coming. No innocent bystanders in this battle. Every single person that gets destroyed during this election deserves it.

    Of course, come November… no matter who wins… we lose…

  2. Romney, a socialist? Dude, you’re hopeless. In fact, if Romney does win, and it’s looking better and better that he will, we don’t “lose”

    With another handful of Constitutional conservatives in the Senate and the House, there’s a glimmer of a chance that we can get out from under this REgressive nightmare.

    Pessimism is debilitating.

  3. The difference between Romney and Obama is the difference between “flank speed” and All Ahead Full as we head off the cliff.

    What cannot go on forever… won’t.

  4. Romney, a socialist? Dude, you’re hopeless.

    Yes. Willard is a socialist. That’s a perfectly valid label for a person that instituted absolutely unacceptable totalitarian gun-control laws, forced communist healthcare on his serfs, fed the blender enormous sums of money chasing eco-marxist fiction, placed scores of liberal activist judges, and in general spent like a European technocrat. Just because King Barry Hussein is by all measures worse, does not make Rombot good by contrast. I ain’t voting for Satan’s concubine just because Satan is running to oppose the slut.

    Pessimism is debilitating.

    So is absolutely unjustified belief that Willard Fillmoure Romneycare and the near-worthless sacks of s*&^ inhabiting congress will suddenly, out of nowhere, behave like conservatives. They are going to take exactly the WRONG message from all of this if Willard is drug kicking and screaming across the finish line – and that message is this:

    “They like crap sandwiches. They keep eating them after all…”

    I am nobodies batter house-b*tch. I am not going to sit around, and pray that, maybe this time, the Republican party won’t come back from work drunk and rough me up again. That they will began to “love me.” No. They have beaten and abused me quite enough – we are now at the point where, next time they show up mean and drunk, you empty a magazine of .45 ACP into them and call it self defense.

    You go ahead and keep dragging yourself to the hospital, and lying about how you fell down the stairs again to the nurse. Me and mine, we are loading the 1911 and getting ready to put a bullet in the wife-beater.

  5. Tough talk from a typical Kommader Keyboard.

    While you’re spitting out this nonsense, I’m out fighting for the Constitutional conservatives that are running. While you were bemoaning our candidates, I was in Florida working for the guy(Newt) I thought would be the best choice.

    I don’t see how you’re making any difference in this battle other than your nonvote is essentially a vote for Obama-well done.

    BTW, your wife beating analogy was dumb but laced with the false bravado you like to ride with.

  6. Tough talk from a typical Kommader Keyboard.

    Oh, you make me shudder. Tough talk from a enabling apparatchik.

    While you’re spitting out this nonsense, I’m out fighting for the Constitutional conservatives that are running. While you were bemoaning our candidates, I was in Florida working for the guy(Newt) I thought would be the best choice.

    I don’t see how you’re making any difference in this battle other than your nonvote is essentially a vote for Obama-well done.

    You know what they say about assumptions. Well in this case, the only ass is you. Jumping to conclusions has done nothing but make you looks like a flaming moron.

    BTW, your wife beating analogy was dumb but laced with the false bravado you like to ride with.

    I love how speaking truth is taken by you tyrant supporting mushes to “posturing.” Get used me me calling it like it is – I have zero interest in stopping. You taking offense acts as nothing more than encouragement. Fact is, at the end of this election cycle, you will be the simpering boot-licker that yet again swallows the sh*t-sandwich. You will condone and support utterly – with your vote – every single socialist thing Willard Fillmoure Romneycare does.

    I get to walk away with my pride and values intact. I’d hate to be you, just a callow, un-principled sheep-person. The Republican party thanks you for your unconditional and un-thinking support. You are a drone, and the only thing separating you are the leftists son’s-of-b*tches is a spattering of meaningless wedge issues that don’t really matter in the long run.

    How do I know this?

    You are going to vote for Willard Rombot. That right there says everything I ever need to know about you.

    Like I said – Apparatchik. Wear your badge with pride.

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