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Derb steps in a big pile of our cowardly “national conversation on race”

What Jeff said.

So. First, let me say this: Derb’s article is “controversial” in the same way Juan Williams’ noting that he gets a bit frightened on a plane when he sees Arabs in the row in front of him tugging at their vests was controversial. Meaning, it was honest — and as such, it was not sufficiently filtered for a media climate where political correctness still provides the parameters for what is and isn’t acceptable.

Eric Holder famously noted that we’re afraid to talk about race in this country. Derbyshire proved he, at least, isn’t. And his comrades are crawling over themselves to gain distance.

And the reason is, Holder, the left, the “pragmatic” right — they don’t really want to talk about such things. They only want to talk about the need to talk about such things, while simultaneously demonizing any real attempts to do so. An easier way to bank some cheap grace you won’t find in a PC-soaked society.

Some of what Derbyshire said in his article I didn’t agree with; some of what he argued I take no position on, because I’d need to see the evidence cited expanded on a bit and given a more rigorous test; and as a practical rhetorical matter, I think Derbyshire did himself no favors by singling out blacks. But what is indisputable is that the article is set up as a talk he’d have with his kids about race, and the opinions he’s formed — and that he’d pass on to his children — are his, while the reasons he’s developed them he sourced w/ links. That is, he tried (within the constraints of the format) to show his work.

That his article brought out some unsavory types in the comments — WHY WON’T DERBYSHIRE TAKE ON THE KIKES? — has less to do with his article and more to do with certain people who are always drawn to such pieces.

It was in many respects a brave article — and that can be true whether you believe Derbyshire a racist or not. But given that it was written in the context of bounties on George Zimmerman, or Spike Lee Tweeting out home addresses, or Al Sharpton — who is invited to Easter breakfast at the WH — actively working to incite violence and subvert the justice system, well, it expresses a kind of anxiety that exists in the culture right now.

Derbyshire set his article up by noting that in any large population, there will be trends; he sought to take a look at the trends and reach conclusions based on them. Whether or not you believe the conclusions he reached are valid or not is almost immaterial.

Yep, t’is. As is the truth itself, which–as has been demonstrated way more times than just this one–must never, ever be spoken of or examined objectively. Not when even a race-baiting worm like Jesse Jackson admits to the same sentiments as Derb’s, it mustn’t. That could be dangerous, see, in a way that inciting the mob to assault Whitey at random over a ginned-up racial OUTRAGE just…isn’t. This bit is important–and telling:

That many on the right are hurrying to run away from Derbyshire is also, however, completely predictable. These are the people who are giving us Mitt Romney, and who — while they talk about the evils of identity politics, or the problem with race-based affirmative action, or the ruse of “multiculturalism” as a social ordering mechanism — haven’t the courage of their convictions: they will talk in generalities (and be called racists for their troubles, anyway), but when it comes down to citing specifics, their first instinct is to show the left how they, unlike throwbacks like Derbyshire, are one of the good ones.

This of course reinforces the left’s control over the social narrative, whereby they — by virtue of their leftism — are champions for racial and ethnic minorities, while those on the right are guilty of racism until they prove otherwise.

Me? I already know I’m not a racist, and so I just feel sorry for those who think they can hurt me by calling me one.

I don’t feel sorry for them in the least. I loathe and despise them.


6 thoughts on “Derb steps in a big pile of our cowardly “national conversation on race”

  1. Like you, I am disgusted with the conservatives who fail to support a fellow conservative when he tells an unpleasant truth. I have had “the talk” with my 3 daughters and my elder son. My young son, who is btw half-Asian, will hear it in the future from both me and his Mother. Why? Because, as Derb said, it could save his life.

    You can be absolutely certain that absolutely not one National Review manager, editor or writer lives in a black neighborhood, sends his or her kids to a school which is heavily black and/or hispanic and avoids going to black beaches, events and on and on and on. Hypocrites is the word I believe.

    The problems of race are immutable and, frankly, insoluble as to the solutions presented by politicians, pundits and the professorial class. When 95% of hispanics in the U.S. insist that their kids speak Spanish (Pew report) and identify themselves as Mexican or Guatemalen rather than American, you know there is no end the the lunacy of racial assimilation. From the left and the weak right, you would think Caucasians had no rights at all.

  2. One of the things overlooked about the Derb is that he’s an athiest, and something of a biological/genetic determinist.

    Which explains why he assessed people as if they were varying migratory herds, roving across the landscape of the Earth, and the best way to understand them is to assess which type of herd they belonged to.

    I’ve never been a fan of the Derb, for the simple reason I think the guy is tremendously depressing, dispiriting, demoralizing.

    There seems to be something of a dark cloud that attends him and his writing.

    Which again, is reflective of his atheism.

  3. he simply said “look at the statistics…and use common sense” in your daily activities. apparently, statistical facts are just too shocking for the delicate sensibilities of some folks. is it better to pretend that none of it’s true ? how can things improve if we are too afraid to face reality ? shouting “that’s racist!” solves nothing.

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