Codifying Islamism/fascism

March 24th, 2012

A good ‘un from Rand Simberg:

Now, if people remain confused about whether or not fascism in general and Nazism in particular is “left-wing” or “right-wing,” the confusion grows deeper when contemplating Islamists, to the point that few in the conventional media (to the limited degree that they are even willing to recognize their existence) even try to classify them along that simplistic spectrum. But it all comes down to a “duck” test.

  • Do they promote a political system where the individual will is bent to that of the (Islamist) state? Check.
  • Do they advocate a totalitarian regime, in which no personal decision lies beyond its reach? Check.
  • Do they take as their guide a book written by the founder of their movement? Check.
  • Are they willing to tell lies about their beliefs and intentions in order to gain political power? Check.
  • Are they willing, even happy to kill and terrorize innocents to maintain that power? Yup.
  • Do they think Jews nonhuman, and wish them exterminated from the earth? OK, that one is more specific to Nazism, but you bet.

Simberg doesn’t go into it here–it ain’t the focus of the article, after all–but you DO know what other group of merrily-marauding totalitarians this checklist fits pretty well with, don’tcha? Excepting (possibly) those last two qualifications, that is. Or maybe softening them just a bit, actually.

I’d say Simberg misses when he contends that “few in the conventional media” try to classify Muslims/jihadists/Islamists/whatever along the left/right continuum. I think it’s pretty clear that the basic assumption about jihadist yahoos is that they’re “conservative” and “right-wing,” only a few small steps removed from a Falwell, a Robertson, or any other “Christianist.” Or, for that matter, a Santorum.

Sure goes a long way towards explaining what would otherwise seem to be a very peculiar alliance between the two, though, don’t it?

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