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The Golden Rule: unpleasantness begets unpleasantness

I apologize to my readers and denounce myself in advance for any discomfort caused by presenting this disturbing example of extremist hate speech:

Well, well, well. So Sandra Fluke has a record of denying free speech to others? In addition to giving a pass to Mr. Ed on the slut business? Free speech for Sandra Fluke but not Rush Limbaugh or those pro-lifers at Cornell? Interesting, yes? Hypocritical and thuggish, definitely. She also walked out in protest of the congressional hearing where supporters of religious liberty were allowed to speak. It turns out, as reported here, that Fluke is no struggling law student — she’s already a professional far-left genderist, long deeply into the leftist scam of judging others by skin color or gender.

We all know the answer as to what Andrew Breitbart would do in this situation. He would stand up to the bullies.

As everyone knows, as is the case with our moderate Muslim partners in peace in the Taliban and al Qaeda, if you stand up to them, you only create more extremism, more hate, more violence. No, the answer is for all decent people of good intentions to reason together in a polite and respectful way–an enlightened and sophisticated concept of which I suspect this thuggish Lord chap has little experience and no real understanding. I find his obstreperousness very off-putting, as I’m sure many of my fellow independent-thinking moderates do as well.

But it gets worse, if you can believe it. This Lord fellow goes on to list the sponsors of the dastard Limbaugh’s execrable radio hate-fest who have rightly dropped out of their sponsorship of bigotry, misogyny, and incivility, and provides contact information as well, presumably so that the knuckledraggers in Limbaugh’s audience can easily express their overwrought boorishness directly to the high-minded souls at said companies.

I don’t know who the dickens Lord thinks he’s helping or impressing by promoting wholesale loutish expressions of mindless disrespect, but I for one do not like the cut of his jib. And another thing: the little loop thingy at the top of the “C” and “T” of the Spectator’s logo reminds me quite unsettlingly of a hangman’s noose. I find it quite discomposing, as I’m sure many of you do. I wonder if they’d consider changing it if we asked them nicely?


2 thoughts on “The Golden Rule: unpleasantness begets unpleasantness

  1. FUCK THIS NICE SHIT!!!! I am already tired of it,lets get back to the truth,snark and perhaps a touch of vitriol. The time for nice has long since past.

  2. This does explain the witch hunt that went after Joe the Plumber a few years ago.
    The left expected him to be a plant because all their “concerned citizens” are plants.
    Then when he turned out not to be, they went after him to make sure all the other Proles knew their place.

    This Children is called “Prepping the Battlefield.”

    Be Big

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