Janitorial socialists, and playing Satan’s advocate

February 24th, 2012

Heard this on the radio the other day, and was immediately disgusted, but not in any way surprised. Hey, remember when it was just awful that Gingrich was “attacking Romney from the Left,” undermining Republican chances of winning against Obama by adopting Progessivist tactics of fomenting class warfare, and “running against capitalism” by asking pointed questions about Bain Capital?

Nah, me neither.

I am going to lower rates across the board for all Americans by 20%. And in order to limit any impact on the deficit, because I do not want to add to the deficit, and also in order to make sure we continue to have progressivity as we’ve had in the past in our code, I’m going to limit the deductions and exemptions particularly for high income folks. And by the way, I want to make sure you understand that, for middle income families, the deductibility of home mortgage interest and charitable contributions will continue. But for high income folks, we are going to cut back on that, so we make sure the top 1% keeps paying the current share they’re paying or more.

McQ heard it too, and didn’t like it any more than I did.

Really? Because that’s right out of the Occupy Wall Street playbook. His campaign staff released a press release which stated, “The principle of fairness must be preserved in federal tax and spending policy,”

Of course they don’t believe that at all or they wouldn’t be talking about “the top 1%” paying more. It has nothing to do with “fairness” as most people would define it. 

This is what I talk about when I say that Republicans are as much a problem, if not more of a problem, than Democrats. Republicans like Romney compromise their principles for votes. This is a class warfare buy-in by him, even using the OWS/Democratic rhetoric.

If you wonder why Conservative Republican voters are less than enthusiastic about this field, Romney demonstrates it yet again.

Actually, I don’t think Romney is compromising his principles at all here; I think those ARE his principles, insofar as he has any at all besides “Mitt Romney wants to be President.” Then Billy piles on:

When the crabgrass takes over, clipping it with a pair of hand trimmers isn’t the solution. Bureaucracy has a logic of it’s own once it reaches a certain size. It grows naturally and pervasively. Trimming it may slow it down, but it doesn’t stop it or reverse it. At this point, the only thing that will halt and reverse the growth of government cost and regulation is the ending of entire segments. I am of the opinion that Romney is about as likely to do that as the New Orleans Saints are to win the World Series. The real problem for “janitorial socialists” as Martin colorfully called them, is that they’ll get slammed by the bureaucrats and their media accomplices as badly for trimming as for ripping them apart.

Indeed they will. Which brings me to this:

I really want Obama out of office. Unlike some who merely mouth the words — I honestly do not know if America will survive a second term.

If that notion– We absolutely cannot afford to lose this one and reassure ourselves that “At least we stood for Principle” — puts me at odds with others, so be it.

They say Obama’s good for conservative media.

I don’t know if that’s true or not. It’s not really reflected in my own statistics. So perhaps I don’t face the conflict others do.

All I know is that Obama’s re-election will be the god-damned death knell for America, so excuse the hell out of me if I am not in the frame of mind to fuck about.

Silly and hysterical, frankly. I’d like to see Obama out of office too–hell, I’d like to see him impeached and imprisoned for his repeated crimes against his oath to uphold the Constitution, along with a whole slew of other Democrat Socialist counterrevolutionaries–but I’d like to see the country saved from its decades-long dalliance with Progressivist tyranny one hell of a lot more. And electing another GOP placeholder to act as a temporary manager for Leviathan ain’t gonna cut it. But there’s more to it, even, than just that.

I will say this: the more I hear about and from Santorum, the less I like him. But anyone out there screeching that America “won’t survive” another Ogabe term needs to take a deep breath and recognize a few things.

First, what I assume they mean by “America”–the constitutional Republic envisioned and founded by Madison, Adams, Jefferson, et al–is long gone. It ceased to exist decades ago. It won’t be coming back except by the same means that created the first one: a stiff-necked adherence to principle, a degree of sacrifice almost unimaginable in our soft era…and, all too damned likely, violence and bloodshed on at least some small scale.

Second, the America we have now is not going anywhere. A lot of us really wish it would just dry up and blow away, but it’s not going to. The standard of living of its subjects will continue to decline; expectations among them will necessarily be lowered, their lives will be tougher on a day to day basis, and their freedoms will continue to be taken from them one by one. But those lives will continue, as shriveled as their horizons will be.

What, you think that one day soon, China will call in all its markers, and when we shrug, throw up our hands, and tell them we can’t and won’t pay, they’re going to send an army over here to repossess all our stuff, load it on ships, and haul it back to China, leaving us all sitting here on a stripped and bare landscape, wringing our hands and grubbing in the dirt for bugs to eat? You think maybe that when FederalGovCo runs out of money to send out the benefit checks (actually, it already has), all those bureaucrats are just going to shut down Washington, turn off all the lights, and say “well, hey, we had a pretty good run there,” leaving the rest of us lemmings to run shrieking around in circles as the nation descends rapidly into chaos? Think the Imperium will suddenly take a look around one fine morning, blink in stunned surprise, and think, well, damn, that didn’t work at all, better rein ourselves in and try something different here?

Think a squish like Romney is going to do even one damned meaningful thing to turn back the statist tide, embracing the need for revolutionary change in order to bring this nation back to something resembling what it’s supposed to be? Dream on. Which brings us to…

Third, how the hell do you go from “this country won’t survive a second Obama term” to “we must all line up behind a supposedly electable moderate who won’t scare the independents out there–all seven percent of them”? If the situation is really that dire, and the nation is in fact suddenly going to suffer cataclysmic collapse on January 20, 2013–one that will kill us all and destroy every last vestige of America As We Now Know It–how can you possibly justify advocating for the clear half-measure of supporting yet another middle-of-the-road caretaker to slightly more cautiously manage the decline? Wouldn’t it make more sense to be throwing caution to the wind, girding your loins, and resolving to advocate loud and long for something or someone who might actually work to make a real change?

When the stakes are as high as you say they are, what’s the use of jumping in with a five-figure ante and then betting pennies? Especially when the hand you’re holding is–freedom, prosperity, and proven-success-wise–all aces?

I’ve said it before, and sadly, I will be saying it again, as the Great Plastic Inevitable staggers on to a meaningless nomination to be the standard-bearer of mealymouthed Chicken Littles who can’t bring themselves to run anything but a liberal milksop against an out socialist because they think the principles that founded this country and made it great are just too darned scary for the liberals-in-moderates’-clothing to openly embrace: I am all done voting for liberals and expecting them to magically transform into something else once they take office. I do not give a tinker’s dam what letter of the alphabet they have after their name. Try to frighten me with the Leftist boogeyman all you like, I do not see how voting for a slightly prettier Leftist can possibly be the path to salvation.

The Democrat Socialists ignore reality and insist all is well, and that if we just had a little more socialism, a little more big government in our lives, the whole machine will start running as smoothly as it ought to, and everything will be all fair and just generally jakesy-jukesy. The Republicans pretend that everything is damned nigh to falling apart in our laps–rather, blowing up in our faces–and therefore what is most needed to avert utter disaster is to fiddle a bit more softly as the Empire continues to burn. They’re both playing games to try to hang onto power for themselves, to keep their snouts firmly embedded in the trough, without ever really changing anything.

A certain amount of that is just sad reality, and inevitable, of course; politicians are what they are, and a certain cynicism about them and all their works is entirely justified. We can’t expect too much of them, I know that well enough. But I think it’s fair to expect more than what we’re currently getting. And it makes no sense at all to expect more without demanding more: to bitch and moan about how the GOP conducts its business…and then wearily shrug and get in line once more to go right on enabling them, without ever even considering other courses of action.

Well, no thanks; I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who are shrieking the loudest about it being a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis. No, that does not encompass aggressive pimping for the lesser of two evils. The dog and pony show the GOP has been running for entirely too long now is a sham, plain and simple, and I am no longer interested in helping them keep up the skeer by acting as if I’m being suckered by them. If Romney is the nominee, I’ll either vote Libertarian or find something better and more meaningful to do on election day. I know some of you are not going to like that, and will yell at me about it. That’s fine; you’re entitled to your opinion too. But the GOP’s hollow politics of fear–vote for us because hey, isn’t the other candidate terrifying?–is no longer going to get the hoped-for response from me.

Oh, it’ll get a response, all right, and you’ll no doubt be reading all about it here if you wish to. But it’s not going to be the response they’ve come to expect. I am off the plantation. To scramble some more metaphors, I won’t be stampeded with the rest of the cattle. I just won’t. As Bill always says, if you want me to vote for your party, give me someone I want to vote for. Because voting against isn’t getting anybody anywhere. In fact, at this point it’s doing way more harm than good.

The GOP needs to recognize that business as usual is just not good enough; they need to begin to get their heads around a few things regarding the kind of voter they wish to pander to, and who they can and can not take for granted. Failing that, we’re going to need to look elsewhere for help in reversing our long slide. It’ll be a long, slow process, naturally. But rewarding the GOP for their ongoing failure of vision, leadership, and fidelity to principle ain’t on the menu for me.

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