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Moron is as moron duhs

I never did understand why anyone took such an obvious dolt as Matthew Yglesias seriously. Might as well concede that his fellow Juice Box Mafia consigliere Ezra Klein is a Constitutional scholar too and call it a day.

Here’s Matthew Yglesias with a quick history of American news media:

The Grand Old Days of American journalism were characterized first and foremost by severely curtailed competition. There were three television networks, and outside of New York each city had basically one newspaper.

At first I thought this couldn’t be serious. I understand that the days when there were only three broadcast networks are before Yglesias’s time–but it isn’t exactly ancient history. There are lots of people who were around then. Some of them even work at Slate. You would think that, if he couldn’t be bothered to research the period, Yglesias might have queried one of them.

For instance, when I was a kid growing up outside Philadelphia, we had: the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Daily News, the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, and the Philadelphia Journal. That is, in addition to the two local dailies, the Gloucester County Times and the Courier-Post.

Without thinking too hard, Boston had the Herald and the Globe (that’s off the top of my head, they may have had more); Seattle had the Seattle Times, the News-Tribune, and the Post Intelligencer; St. Louis had the Globe-Democrat and the Post-Dispatch.

You get the idea. Back in the Grand Old Days most cities had at least two newspapers. (And that’s just counting the major papers–there were tons of smaller ethnic and alternative papers.) I know it’s hard to believe, but once upon a time the major American cities actually had morning and afternoon newspapers. And many of these cities had papers competing even within those time slots!

I know. It sounds crazy. And really, who can be expected to know about stuff that happened way back in the age of rotary dials. I don’t blame Yglesias. It would have taken him 30, maybe even 45 minutes of research to find this out because since most of these papers disappeared before the digital age it’s hard to find them mentioned on the internet.

And really, you can’t blame a journalist for not knowing something if it isn’t in Wikipedia or on Google’s first three results pages. I mean what–do you want journalists to have to read books just so they understand stupid details about what the world was like before iPhones and Twitter?

Perish the thought. Liberal idiots like Yglesias don’t have to actually know anything at all to know they’re smarter than you and me, duuuh. Jonathan kindly throws in a couple of other links to previous posts demonstrating the absolute superiority of this paragon of Lefty erudition’s mental process. Follow the links and snicker away, folks; you don’t get self-beclownment this toothsome every day, you know.

Well, okay, you do. But still.

Duhpdate! Shut up and dance, fluffmuffin.


3 thoughts on “Moron is as moron duhs

  1. As an AOSHQ authorized Moron, I find your characterization offensive.

  2. Little Matty Yglesias is the best argument alive to burn Harvard to the ground and salt the furrows.

    Harvard delenda est!

  3. Take a guess who used to feature this moron on a regular basis on his radio show? My cluebat will give his initials-HH

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