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Merry Christmas from Ol’ Blighty

Simply pathetic.

Britain is far gone in anarcho-tyranny. Among my Christmas mail were a card and letter from a relative we barely communicate with the rest of the year. To make up for her side of the delinquency, she sends us a nice chatty summary of all that’s happened to her large and bustling family in the previous twelve months.

Some extracts from this year’s letter:

January —… Our milk stolen repeatedly from our doorstep. Several night vigils & deterrent tactics, but forced to concede defeat & get our milk from Sainsbury’s [supermarket chain]. A small thing but it feels like something taken from us.

February — My iPhone — a Christmas present from [husband] — pick-pocketed in Peckham. …

April — [Husband’s] lovely red BMW motorbike stolen. A professional job, security lights cut, bike lifted out of front garden into a van. Police spectacularly uninterested …

August — [Son] plans birthday trip to [nearby fun park] with mates; wallet stolen en route with all his birthday money …

September — Our car is stolen overnight from in front of our house. The police again uninterested…

My relative lives in a pleasant London suburb where 3-bedroom semi-detached houses sell for £0.9-1.3m ($1.4-2.0m).

“It feels like something taken from us”? Hey, something has been taken from you, and not just your material goods and personal security either: your dignity, just for starters. And it wasn’t so much taken as it was just given away, for a mess of Progressive pottage. But either way, it’s gone–and once gone, it tends not to come back without way more of a fight than most are willing to put up.

The antidote? This, which would have to be the feel good story of the year. I’m proud to say it’s from more or less my neck of the woods, too. Best bit: when the guy hands the hapless worm a wad of paper towels and makes him clean up his own blood off the fucking floor. The photo that clearly shows the imprint of the not-a-victim’s fist smearing the bridge of the worm’s nose halfway across his ugly face ain’t bad, either. Don’t know if Mothershead’s a southpaw or not, but that’s one wicked left cross he’s got either way.


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Ol’ Blighty

  1. Kudos to Derek Mothershead for taking down that skel. If a shopowner in Britain had done that, he or she would probably be facing charges for injuries inflicted on the would-be thief. As Mark Steyn has written, in Britain everyone except the criminals get policed.

  2. Policing Criminals is hard and gets you in trouble with the Culture Nazi’s. Ignoring the plight of citizens is easy and who is going to care?

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