A little history “progressives” would rather you forget

November 15th, 2011

Examining the fascist, eugenicist roots of Progressivism–the ugly core of modern liberalism.

As I was pulling together the research for my recent Chronicle of Philanthropy op-ed on philanthropic involvement in North Carolina’s eugenic sterilization program — a program highlighted recently on Brian Williams’ new TV program “Rock Center” — I was struck by this thought:

Were it not for the niggling little fact that it is now understood to be an utter moral abomination, eugenics would be touted today as one of American philanthropy’s most significant and successful undertakings.

For no other project in the 20th century came as close as eugenics to replicating, in the social realm, philanthropy’s model practices and demonstrable successes in the scientific realm, such as the campaign against hookworm or the Green Revolution. By any standard — other than that of human decency — eugenics was a spectacular example of effective strategic grantmaking.

Far as I’m concerned, nearly ALL of “progressive” philosophy is an utter moral abomination, relying as it does on the absolute rule over ostensibly free individuals by a self-selected elite, and the denial of the citizen’s right to self-government and self-determination. As I’ve said before, liberal-fascism is simply not compatible with the ideals enshrined in our founding documents. Reminders such as these are useful in understanding who and what they really are at bottom: tyrants.

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