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More on the Perry plan

From Bryan Preston:

Perry’s plan calls for using the power of the executive to rein in the EPA, while also opening up more land to energy exploration and use. This plan is smart, hitting our economic problems from more than one angle at once, and in a way that can be implemented quickly. The Achilles heel of the Cain 9-9-9 plan is that it requires Congress to approve it. No matter how good that plan is, Congress will monkey with it. Congress will mutilate it. 9-9-9 will soon become 10-10-10, or  15-12-18 or worse. Or, after Congress messes with it, it will end up getting vetoed. The chances of such a plan surviving contact with Congress intact are remote.

Perry’s energy plan doesn’t depend on Congress. It depends on having a president with the vision to take ahold of the bureaucracy that the voters have entrusted to him, and turn it away from the Obama job-killing agenda it has been working under. As governor, Perry has been taking that particular fight directly to Obama for more than two years now.

Perry’s energy plan would also reduce power prices across the board, while putting Americans back to work in the energy sector. Lower fuel prices will curb the inflation that has been sneaking up on America’s family budgets. With more Americans working and with fuel prices getting back under control, the economy will be on a sounder footing to get moving again. And with greater energy independence, America is more secure.

Yep, that’s about the size of it. Although I never have and never will put much faith in polls, it’ll be interesting to see if this boosts Perry’s standing any. And much more interesting than that will be seeing what the next phase of the Perry program is.

As for Cain’s 9-9-9 plan, the idea of adding what amounts to a VAT without first repealing the 16th Amendment is…double plus ungood, meaning as it will that we’ll be adding the VAT on top of the punitive taxation we already suffer under, rather than replacing the one with the other. That is, or ought to be, a non-starter; if there’s one thing we know for sure by now, it’s that Congress simply can’t be trusted not to use any underhanded means at its disposal to find more money to throw down various ratholes. As Bryan mentions, you can practically hear the drool hitting the floor as Congresscritters slaver over the potential “revenue enhancements”a implicit therein, as 9-9-9 becomes whatever outlandish number they think they can get away with.

Meanwhile, Ace noticed another interesting thing:

Do I detect a Palin Strategy at work here– an attempt to co-opt her themes to grab some of her supporters?

Fine by me. I guess if we can’t have her in the race, having some of her better ideas involved is almost as good, eh?


2 thoughts on “More on the Perry plan

  1. Perry’s plan calls for using the power of the executive to rein in the EPA, while also opening up more land to energy exploration and use.

    Well, since the EPA already has a long track record of funding groups to sue it so the courts will order it to do what it wants to do anyway, I’d say that Perry’s plan is an instant Constitutional crisis if it’s ever going to accomplish anything. Which is not a good thing… unless you believe, as I do, that it’s past time to have one.

  2. Will this VAT tax myth never go away? Cain’s tax is a SALES TAX. A sales tax and a VAT tax are totally different. A sales tax is on the ned consumer, it is a known number, and it cannot be hidden, so if it gets too big, people can demand it be reduced. A VAT tax is a hidden tax added at steps in production that hides from the people, can’t really ever be quanitified, and can be raised without anyone knowing perpetually.

    Sales taxes are good. VAT taxes are bad. Cain’s tax is NOT a VAT.

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