Peering past the propaganda

July 11th, 2011

What the headline ought to be, if this “journalist” had any interest at all in telling the truth: “Obama’s rigid, intractable insistence on deepening the Depression he caused by raising already-exorbitant taxes shows he’s not remotely serious about cutting spending, making a half-assed deal impossible.” Or, more concisely: “Treacherous Obama suddenly moves goalposts on taxes, sabotages potential deal.” Or: “Obama mulishly refuses to abandon radical expansion of federal Leviathan, stands pat on Marxist class warfare and redistribution of wealth.” Naturally, the rest of the piece is about what you’d expect.

(Via Bill)

Update! Pethokoukis nails it clean and tight: “21 percent of GDP — the highest in U.S. history — isn’t nearly enough for the Obamacrats…In short, Obama sees a need for a permanently bigger government and a lot more tax revenue to fund it.” Again: bingo. (NOTE: I put another update here, when I meant to attach it to the previous post. Fixed it.)

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