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Crazy talk!

Now and then Progressivist would-be tyrants like to trot out another of their tired old ideas for another walk down the primrose path to liberal fascism, just to see if they can frogmarch us a little further along this time. A right-wing Visigoth and EXTREEEEMIST hatemongering racist roadblocks this particularly stupid one with the simple truth:

Yes, Ezra. A lot of time has passed — something like, over a hundred years, even! — but what you call “an anachronism” the founders and framers (some of whom were maybe even as smart as you, and perhaps a handful of whom put almost as much cogitation into how to form a nation around the idea of individual liberty and protecting natural rights as you yourself have in between Georgetown pomegranate martinis and self-congratulatory tugs on your rhetorical junk), thought was a good idea, a way to protect individual states from an overreaching central authority, which they correctly feared would eat away at our freedoms. That idea was weakened, of course, when the Constitution was amended to move the Senate elections to a popular vote — and I suspect your end game here is to posit an extension of that initial populist mistake by laying the ground work for an argument for the abolition of the Electoral College, creating a “truer” form of democracy, and a country run by the voters in urban centers, where the federal government can provide the most concentrated largess in exchange for votes.

Me, I say rather than treat as some sort of outmoded nonsense standing in the way of a benevolent central government’s longing to move us toward a progressive Utopia the bicameral idea used to forge a compromise between the federalists and anti-federalists, we cease pretending, in the courts and elsewhere, that the Ninth and Tenth Amendments don’t exist, and that they don’t exist precisely to protect the states from a voracious central authority, as well as minorities from the whims of the majority.

That is, to protect non-leftists from the statists and their apparatchiks like you, Ezra.

Ahh, Jeff, but if individual liberty and Constitutional government ever became of even slight concern to them, their whole ideological house of cards would necessarily come crashing down around their ears. So stop making sense, you radical right-wing Thugnazican, you.

And don’t question their patriotism either, dammit. They’re the most patriotic little totalitarians the Soviet Union ever had.



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