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How ya like your precious International Criminal Court now, libs?

European snakes in the grass, who have long gone to sleep every night under the blanket of security we provide, are for some reason feeling cocky enough to question the manner in which we provide it, while still snootily refusing to pick up a weapon and stand a post themselves. The German press is probably the worst of the lot:

The execution of Osama bin Laden – or it is better to speak of murder? – allows Americans to forget their troubles for a moment. It is like a balm on the wounds of the nation. In the rush of emotion, no one is asking the questions that need to be asked. For example – was it really Osama bin Laden who was killed? Is it possible that it was one of his doubles?

In the United States, the accused have the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Guilt or innocence can only be decided in a proper court of law. Osama bin Laden was given the “short shrift.” He did not have the opportunity to defend himself from the accusations made against him, he had no fair trial, no lawyer. He was probably not even asked to surrender. Such a procedure is unworthy of a constitutional state. Even Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the Final Solution of the Jewish question, was given due process before he was sentenced to death.

That’s because OBL was NOT A FUCKING AMERICAN CITIZEN, you idiot, and was therefore not entitled to our Constitutional protections, you despicable moron. In fact, as an unlawful enemy combatant operating in direct and defiant violation of the Geneva Accords, he was entitled only to exactly what he got: a summary bullet in the brainpan. My, but you really don’t know a goddamned thing about either the rule of law or this country and its Constitution generally, do you, you snivelling shitheel?

At the very least, we should now demand the creation of an independent commission to investigate whether or not, and under what circumstances, Osama bin Laden was killed. Only then will we know for certain and prevent the spread of conspiracy theories like the ones that have developed about events such as the moon landing and 9/11.

You should just try it, asshole, you and any other Euroshitweasel who feels froggy enough. By all means, go right ahead with your little commission. We’ll see what it gets you. This time around, you won’t have more than a handful of treasonous American liberals cheering you on. For now, anyway.

And then after your shitty little commission finds some of our own guilty as charged, you can wave your chubby little fists in the air and demand till you’re blue in the face that the US send its own troops round to arrest them, I guess, since you don’t have the military capability to do it, or much of anything else, yourselves. You gutless fucking pussies.

The leader of such a commission would need to be an experienced and impartial jurist.  For example, Richard Goldstone, the former Chief Justice of South Africa, who investigated Israel’s latest operation in Gaza.

An “impartial jurist” like the same Richard Goldstone who was just forced to apologize for his outrageous and damaging slander against Israel resulting from that same “investigation,” eh? No, really, he just said it. I doubt he was joking.

I can think of at least one place we need to yank every last US soldier and piece of hardware out of, right the hell now. A la Bill Beck, leave a sign on the abandoned facilities we built saying: don’t make us come back here again.

(Via Insty, who heads his post with a simple and perfectly correct “Pathetic”)

Update! Another Eurodickhead flaps his cock-gobbler:

Criticism was also lobbed from members of Merkel’s own party. Siegfried Kauder, of the CDU, and the chairman of the legal committee of the Bundestag, told the newspaper Passauer Neue Presse: “I would not have formulated it in that way. Those are thoughts of revenge that one should not harbor. That is from the Middle Ages.” 

Kauder also questioned the legality of killing Bin Laden. “The principle that the ends justifies the means has no legal foundation…The United Nations is now called upon to finally create binding laws. It must be crystal clear, what can be done, and what cannot.” 

Or else…what, precious? What, exactly? Gonna send some of your big, bad lawyers after us or something? Maybe arm up a horde of smelly, belligerent students and their weedy professors and send them across the Pond to give us what for?

Keep on yammering, coward. We’re laughing hard over here, but we could always use more merriment at your expense. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Oh, and regarding the six decades of liberty, security, and prosperity — you’re welcome.


2 thoughts on “How ya like your precious International Criminal Court now, libs?

  1. I love the concern that the left has for the rights under international law of people who care less about the Geneva Convention than the Nazis did.

  2. Well, Mike, they didn’t send the lawyers over here, but they did send them after Merkel.

    In his two-page document, Uthmann, a judge for 21 years, cites section 140 of the German Criminal Code, which forbids the “rewarding and approving” of crimes. In this case, Merkel endorsed a “homicide,” Uthmann claimed.

    Every day, I think the Left has finally reached the bottom of the depths of idiocy. And every day they prove me wrong.

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