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A Madison solution

Government of the unions, by the unions, and for the unions:

In a race decided by 204 votes (out of nearly 1.5 million cast), Prosser lost Madison’s home, Dane County, by a margin of 73 percent to 27 percent. Dane County is the second-largest county in the state, with a population of 491,357. Prosser’s challenger, Joanne Kloppenburg, received 133,513 votes in the county, almost 90 percent what Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett received last November. This kind of turnout for a spring primary is unprecedented in the state’s history.

It comes as no surprise that Dane County has by far the largest number of government employees in the state (79,343), outpacing Milwaukee County by 13,000 despite Milwaukee County’s having twice the population; 20.3 percent of Dane County’s workers are government employees, the fourth-highest percentage in the state (most of the counties ahead of Dane are low-population areas that house state universities). The statewide average for government workers as a percentage of total workforce is 11.8 percent.

Democrats are trying to spin Kloppenburg’s tentative .013 percent win (recounts forthcoming) as a statewide rebuke of Governor Walker’s attempt to rein in public-sector-union bargaining power. Democratic state chair Mike Tate told the results showed Wisconsin had swung back to his side and “voters were rejecting Walker’s policies.”

Yet without the electoral bloodbath in Dane County, Prosser would have won Wisconsin by a comfortable 53.3 percent to 46.7 percent margin. The non-Dane County Prosser vote actually exceeds the 52.3 percent Walker received statewide in November. It wasn’t the state’s voters rejecting Walker’s agenda — it was Dane County’s government workers attempting to keep their paychecks intact.

In 1960, Democratic presidential candidate (and Missouri senator) Stuart Symington warned of the growth of public-sector-worker “rights.” “This government,” Symington said, “you’ve got to grab it! You run the government, or they run you, and there’s no middle ground.”

Right now, government employees in Madison run Wisconsin.

Okay, so howzabout this: let government-union goons keep their collective-bargaining rights extortion privileges and their mandatory dues collection Democrat Socialist Party funding apparatus. But since the idea of union goons “negotiating” with the corrupt elected officials they’ve bought over how much they’re all going to fleece the taxpayers for is patently unfair — leaving those who are being robbed by the villainous swine on either side of the phonus-balonus “bargaining table” with no representation in such fraudulent “negotiations” — there ought to be a concession made in exchange for turning a blind eye to the whole con. I therefore suggest that members of public-sector unions who retain undeserved collective-bargaining “rights” should not be allowed to vote in the elections they’re rigging at the taxpayers’ expense.

Seems fair enough, no? Why should these swindlers, goniffs, and hoods be allowed to conspire to deprive taxpayers of proper representation, and then turn around and help themselves to boodle aplenty for their unsubtle scheming — a flimflam underwritten entirely by the very taxpayers they’ve effectively disenfranchised?

Update! Coulter explains the scam in straightforward terms:

For years, Democrats have been using taxpayer money so that their buddies in public sector unions never have to know when there’s a recession. People who are already suffering have to suffer more so that those who are doing pretty well don’t have to suffer at all.

The high salaries and magnificent benefits paid to government employees are used to fund the public sector unions, which then funnel a portion of that money back to the Democrats, who vote for the pay packages of government workers. The unions function as a pass-through from the taxpayers straight to Democrats running for re-election.

As a result, taxpayers are paying people to continually raise their taxes.

Say not “buddies.” Say, rather, “owners.” Or better yet, call a spade a spade: “co-conspirators,” or “partners in crime.”


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