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Last night’s pack of lies, and how to fight back

Didn’t watch, of course. No real reason to; a King owes no explanation of his actions to his subjects, and this one seems to understand his Divine Right better than most. Ace dissects the lies pretty nicely:

My Mistake: He’s not making the case for war; he’s just “updating” on us on what the Europeans have decided our military should do.

“We Took A Series of Swift Steps:” Oh, you mean after you dithered around with the same basic facts for three weeks.

You mean after all that delay, you finally made a decision, and then the military acted swiftly.

I Refused to Let That Happen:” Ah, okay, just as long as I know who the hero is here.

Hilarious: He says that he’s all about getting other countries to bear the burdens. He says, to that end, that he’s transferred command to NATO.

Um, so, if I’m getting this right, our pilots and seamen are still fighting this war, they’re just being bossed around by a foreign general, right?

And that general isn’t actually in the fight, right?

Seems to me that all Obama is doing is distancing himself from any possible failure while keeping our troops in harm’s way.

Furthermore, the US “cannot sit idly by” while a dictator is slaughtering his own people. Unless a Republican is President, and that dictator has been shooting at our pilots enforcing a no-fly zone for ten years, and has tried to assassinate a former president, and is snuggling up to terrorists, offering them safe haven, and throwing money at them, and Congress has voted overwhelmingly to approve using force against him. Then we must sit idly by. It’s the only morally-supportable thing to do.

In another post, Ace makes a most excellent proposal for inducing some cracks in the dictator’s protective wall of propaganda:

It seems to me that if exposing and denouncing violence-tinged remarks is intended to forestall the possibility of political violence, then whitewashing and excusing actual death threats is intended to increase the possibility of political violence. So long as the right people are targeted.

The media is of course a nonresponsive institution; they are fond of saying “X Corporation declined comment on our allegations,” and let the reader draw from that silence the intended conclusion Therefore they confess them by silence, and yet the media itself will not respond to detailed questions on its systematic and deliberate left-wing propaganda.

There is no way to compel them to answer questions. However, there is a way to spur them to do so, and it frustrates me that it’s not done.

Every week, when McConnell or Boehner or whoever is being interviewed on a Sunday talk show, they should have a plan in agreement to ask their questioners about any unaddressed bias in reporting, preferably something entirely off-topic (so there can be no charge made that they are attemtping to dodge the question on whatever they’re being asked about).

I know what the answer will be, because it’s the answer the media always gives– “We covered that fairly and spent resources on that” and et cetera. It’s a lie. They haven’t. When Boehner goes on to ask George Stephanopolous why ABCNews hasn’t covered the death threats in Wisconsin, he should come armed with detailed numbers of how many minutes of reportage were spent on blaming the Tea Party and Republicans for Gabbie Giffords versus how many were spent on death threats in Wisconsin. And, like a reporter, Boehner should then force Stephanopolous to commit to a yes or no answer — is he disputing these figures or not?

He must be made to commit to an answer. That’s what reporters do — they will badger you into taking some position, one way or another, so that you can be proven wrong or dishonest. Allowing someone to vaguely say “I don’t know” or whatever is letting them escape unharmed.

And every major Republican should do this on every show. And yes, it should be coordinated.

It most certainly should. This is a damned fine idea, and if the Repubs are serious about fighting back against these regime puppets, they ought to jump all over it immediately. It’s an excellent way of seizing the initiative and undercutting The Narrative — something they badly need to do — and I’d bet you any amount of money there are many, many people out there who would respond enthusiastically to it. No need to limit the topic to the Wisconsin death threats, either; there are any number of easily identifiable examples of liberal-media propagandizing for regime lies that can be hurled back in their teeth, and should be.

A lot of us have been waiting a very long time for the GOPers to do something positive, firm, and proactive along these lines; it’s one of the reasons Palin is as popular as she is. This is their chance, and there’s no better time than right friggin’ now to get started.

So of course, they won’t.


2 thoughts on “Last night’s pack of lies, and how to fight back

  1. Republicans are (mostly) concerned with staying in the good graces of the press. They’ll never challenge the press like that.

    If Ace didn’t have his head up his ass, he’d know that.

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