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Wake up, fight back

Ed makes an all-too-common mistake. Backstory starts with this quote from Limbaugh:

Whoever in this field takes it to Obama the straightest and the hardest and the most direct, is who’s gonna win. They’re gonna have to take it to Obama. This isn’t a ‘pussy-foot around’ type of election. This is not, ‘Oh, we’ve got to worry about what they’re gonna say about us, we’ve got to worry about PR, about charges of racism.’ Somebody’s got to be willing to take it to Obama. It’s going to be about him and four more years of this stuff and we’ll see if there’s anybody in this field willing to do that.

He’s perfectly correct; nominating another reach-across-the-aisle, go-along-to-get-along type will sink the Republicans faster than a North Atlantic iceberg did the Titanic. Ed muses further:

How does that shake out in trying to decide between, say, Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann? Bachmann’s the fearless bombthrower who’ll take it to Obama, but she’s also much, much more easily kookified by the media. T-Paw, meanwhile, might not throw any roundhouses, but there won’t be much Democrats can do to make him seem unelectable.

Think so? Since Ed mentioned Palin earlier in the post, let’s just consider her for a moment.

Think back to when she was an unknown governor of a remote, usually quiet state. She had had a very successful term up until McCain brought her out into the national spotlight; her popularity rating was nudging up around eighty percent, and had been quite consistently high for a good while. She had governed more or less as about the closest thing to a libertarian as you could find, without actually being one. She had busted her own party for corruption, and had taken some principled stands that were risky but right. No one at all thought of her as any kind of extremist, if they thought of her at all.

And then McCain brought her onto the national stage; the polling which had him perpetually well behind the fraud Obama started to quickly turn around as a direct result, and liberals suddenly had something to be worried about. They characteristically set out to demonize and destroy her. The Democrat Socialist media cheering section sent “journalists” in brigade strength to dig through every garbage can Palin ever might’ve happened to walk by. Corrupt and dishonest state Democrat Socialist party hacks started ginning up phony scandals one after another, throwing every spurious charge they could fabricate at her in hopes at least some of it would stick. They hounded her and her family so relentlessly that it eventually became impossible for her to function effectively as governor, and after taking stock and realizing the filthy, disgusting jackals would stick at nothing, and would never stop until they had destroyed her both personally and professionally, she resigned her office for the good of the state.

And to this day, they’re still at it, such is their fear of the genuine connection she’s forged with a large number of real Americans just by the simple expedient of not lying down and taking it like a good little RINO, and her insistence on telling the plain truth with the kind of straightforward openness that typically terrifies the Lying Left. They’re absolutely scared witless, mortified, and transfixed by her. They’re right to be.

For that matter, remember McCain himself? The reasonable Maverick who was always willing to reach across the aisle and work with the Democrat Socialist swine, no matter how many times they rolled him? The guy that the liberal media always sung the praises of, each and every time he attacked or betrayed conservatives? He thought all the whores at the NYT, WaPo, and other outlets would be bought by the currency of deference and obsequiousness with which he paid them. He grossly and pathetically underestimated their boundless treachery and devotion to Left ideology.

Instead of staying bought, as soon as his nomination was assured, they whirled on a dime and savaged him as a warmonger, a hothead, a petty tyrant, and a doddering, confused old man whose physical infirmities would put the monster Palin a mere heartbeat away from the Presidency. McCain was transmogrified from a strong, courageous pragmatist into a feeble sideshow act; the liberal-media propagandists played the contest as one between Obama and Palin, and then — with truly astounding hypocrisy and gall, even for them — hammered home the point that she was just too inexperienced and ill-prepared to sit in the big chair once McCain’s inevitable collapse occurred. They made it seem as if he was campaigning from his death bed, bemoaning Palin’s lack of experience while pimping a complete neophyte who had never held a real job or accomplished one worthwhile thing in his entire life.

You really think they won’t do the same to Pawlenty, Romney, or any other Republican who has the temerity to run against the Anointed One with the idea of maybe winning? Think when the media lapdogs are unleashed on even these uninspiring ciphers, they won’t find anything that can be twisted and spun into a damaging smear for those ignoramuses who still believe a word they say, along with the empty-headed “moderates” who don’t want to be identified as the liberals they almost always end up voting as anyway? Think, in the highly unlikely circumstance that there really is nothing for them to find that they can use, they won’t just fabricate something and beat the Republican — any Republican, no matter how “nice” or “moderate” or “reasonable” or “electable,” all synonyms for “liberal” — into quivering mush with it?

If so, may I ask why, exactly? Because judging from recent history, that is exactly what they will do. Conservatives who truly believe that “they can’t possibly do this” or “they wouldn’t dare do that” need to realize at long last: to advance the socialist agenda and elect their preferred candidates, the liberal press will do whatever they think needs to be done, no matter how dishonest or despicable. And they don’t care in the least what any person with a functioning moral compass might think about it, caring as they do only about whether the manipulation is effective.

There will never again be a conservative who will get a fair airing of their views in the liberal media, if such was ever the case — not ever, not even once. Assuming liberal “journalists” possess the slightest shred of integrity or capacity for shame is a very foolish thing to do. The tiny, tiny handful who do are the exception that proves the rule, abundantly and indubitably. They’re as rare in their profession as Joe Lieberman is in his.

There’s only one way that we’re going to peacefully pull ourselves out of the Progressivist mire, if such is even possible at this point: by unequivocally supporting real conservative leaders who have the courage of their convictions, and have the stomach to pull no punches against the liars and would-be tyrants arrayed against freedom and Constitutional government. To dismiss such a candidate as “unelectable” even before a single primary vote is cast is to yield to liberal propaganda for the sake of seeming “reasonable,” allowing them to set the terms of the debate and select our candidate for us yet again. It is exactly what happened with McCain, who, as a “moderate” and a “maverick,” was supposed to be far more “electable” than any of his primary opponents.

We see how that worked out for us, and for the nation. We need to start ignoring them and focus on doing what’s right. We need to fight them as hard and as viciously as they fight us. We need to concede that this nation can in fact be destroyed from within as well as without, and that it is in fact happening right now. We need to stop making the same mistakes over and over again, and learn from them instead for once.


9 thoughts on “Wake up, fight back

  1. GOT-DAMN MIKE!!!! That is the best, most awesome and concise summation of what we must do in 2012 that I have yet to read. The fact it even needs to be said is a sad reflection on how badly the effing left dominated media is living in so many heads on our side.

    Rush has also put it very succinctly-he says when we run an unabashed conservative who clearly states conservative values and principles, we win. Whatinthehell is so GD hard about that and what you have written, to understand?

    I am going to forward your piece to everyone I can-it really is a must read.

  2. T-Paw, meanwhile, might not throw any roundhouses, but there won’t be much Democrats can do to make him seem unelectable.

    Nor will there be much Republicans can do to make him electable.

    Sorry, but “he won in Minnesota” is not an argument in his favor. So did Mondale.

  3. Eh. lets run McCain again, it won’t matter. What name is ACORN operating under these days? What -spit- union maintains the wonderful voting machines?

    just sayin…

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  5. Well said. I have been saying the exact message in my circles, though not as well. The jackels of the Leftist media are amongst the worst enemies that our country has.

  6. Well said!. This is exactly what we have to do. Don’t be shy. Hang the entire mess we’re in on the dhimms’ shoulders-exactly where it belongs. McCain missed his chance in the debates by not hanging the entire housing bubble on Fannie, Freddie, Barnie, Chrissy (Dodd, not Mr. Tingles), and the CRA. He could have put zero out of our misery right there. We need a candidate who isn’t afraid to do that. We also need to take the Senate and increase our lead in the House.

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