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Another awakening

Neo-conservative no more.

When George Bush launched the military campaign to remove Saddam Hussein and enforce Security Council resolution 1441 and sixteen other Security Council resolutions he had defied, I was for it. I would be for it today. It was a necessary war and a just war. By toppling a monster who had defied international order and was an obvious threat, Bush did the right thing. When he named the campaign Operation Iraqi Freedom, I was also an enthusiast. It put the Democratic Party, which soon betrayed the war, and the political left, which instinctively  supports America’s enemies, on the defensive. When he said he was going to establish democracy in Iraq, I almost believed him. And that seemed to put me in the camp of the neo-conservatives for whom democracy in Iraq was not only a wish but an agenda. In any case, people labeled me that not least because I am a Jew and “neo-conservative” functions for the ominously expanding anti-Semitic Left as a code for self-serving Jews who want to sacrificeAmerican lives for Israel.

But whatever I wrote about the war in support of the democracy agenda, inside I was never a 100% believer in the idea that democracy could be so easily implanted in so hostile a soil. I wanted to see Saddam toppled and a non-terrorist supporting government in its place. I would have settled for that and a large U.S. military base as well. But I allowed myself to get swept up in the Bush-led enthusiasm for a democratic revolution in the Middle East. I remained on board until the Beirut spring began to wither and got off when election results in Gaza came in and put a Nazi party into power. That spelled the end of my neo-conservative illusions.

It looks like we are headed for the same result in Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood is poised to win the September elections. The reality is that a totalitarian Islam is the vibrant and increasingly dominant movement in the Arab world. Any elections likely to take place will be on the order of one man, one vote, one time. Neo-conservatives are now cheering on the Obama administration’s reckless intervention in Libya, as though the past ten years have taught them nothing. The nation building effort in Iraq led to a squandering ofAmerican resources and a weakening of American power. Putting a man who is hostile to American power in the White House is not the least aspect of thisAmerican decline. Because of these nation-building delusions we are still mired in Afghanistan — now the longest war in American history. And now we have been plunged into the Middle Eastern maelstrom with no clear agenda or objective.

Myself, I’m an advocate of what I’ll call the Beck Doctrine, since it was Billy who first codified it: pulverize any nation that foments, supports, trains, equips, or finances terrorists and points them our way, with or without international “support” and useless coalitions of the unwilling. Then have the last American soldier leaving the smoking debris field put up a big sign amidst the rubble: Don’t make us come back here again.

To hell with nation-building for ingrate savages who lack the ability to understand what freedom really is; who actually oppose it with every fiber of their being; and are going to hate us no matter what we do, because we have no intention of embracing their hateful totalitarian system masquerading as a “religion.” And to hell with starry-eyed Western adolescents whose hopeful delusions about a phony “Arab Spring” preclude them from seeing the Islamist monster standing behind the protests and rebellion in the Middle East, ready to rip any attempt at real modernization of their dysfunctional, atavistic societies to bloody tatters.


4 thoughts on “Another awakening

  1. Seeing as terrorism is a point of view and that to MOST of the world we (the US) are the worlds greatest terrorist organization. Should we bomb ourselves or should we ask the French to do it for us? America MUST get out of the business of empire and we MUST learn to mind our own fucking business. These people do not hate us for our freedom(not much left in America) they hate us because we have spent the last 150 years infringing on their sovereignty,trespassing on their lands,killing their people and generally being DICKHEADS. I realize that the Pentagon and others like yourself find this assertion objectionable, but it is true none the less. America is no longer the guy in the white hat and have not been for many years. The U.S. is now the aggressor,the killer of innocents in the name of righteousness not the usual position of a hero. Please note that I am neither with the left nor the right I am a sovereign individual.

  2. Some folks demonized Fallaci for her candor and directness on this. I found it refreshing. I think she’d have agreed here (though likely not with “derfel”). For all of Roddenberry’s nonsense, the Prime Directive made sense, especially for 16th century “cultures”.

    To that, I’d add the observation that to the extent we spend time, blood and treasure spreading republican ideals to those incapable of comprehending them, we are simultaneously allowing the slow (fundamental) transformation of our own society into one that no longer values freedom. Not the best of outcomes.

  3. Derfel, check out the Barbary Pirates. You may then appreciate the irony of Keith Ellison taking his oath on Jefferson’s Koran.

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