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The Intimidator

We need one, now more than ever.

Reagan and Earnhardt were polar opposites in terms of style.  Reagan wore the white hat, optimistically championing the virtues of freedom, embracing American exceptionalism, defeating the Soviets without firing a bullet, and comforting the nation after tragedies, such as when the space shuttle Challenger exploded upon takeoff.  Reagan was sunny, graceful, and had a majestic nature about him.

Earnhardt often wore the black hat.  He got under the skin of drivers.  He bumped cars out of the way, forcing himself to the victory lane.  He glared at his enemies—on the racetrack and off of it.  There was no smoothness and grace.  He was curt, to the point, and sometimes in-your-face.

But both men captured the imagination of the common man because, deep down, both were exactly that.

And both played to win, and took no shit off of the anklebiters or anybody else, contrary to the Leftymedia’s recent attempts to guilefully co-opt Reagan. It’s one of the reasons people were so disappointed in Dubya, and so admire Palin. She knows, as Bush should’ve, that attempting to appear above the fray while the yapping attack poodles of the Left nibble away at your feet is no way to do it; when you’re attacked, you bite back as hard as you can. You grab the little dust-mop fuckers and sling ’em hard enough to break their scrawny necks, leaving them quivering on the sidewalk in a raggedy heap.

It’s also why Mitch Daniel’s sub-moronic statements last week about his-buddies-his-pals-his-colleagues the Fleebaggers were so dismaying. Democrat Socialists have demonstrated over and over again that they’re no conservative’s friend: they’ll be civil only when they think it will get them something; they’ll respect the rule of law and the will of the people only as long as those things can be cynically manipulated in their favor; they’ll “compromise” only when it means they get their way.

Meanwhile, they’ll lie, smear, connive, and swindle their way to socialist utopia, dragging the rest of us with them, willing or no. Pliant dupes like McCain will get their hands bitten off every time they try to reach across the aisle, stunned to see their names mentioned unfavorably in the WaPo and the NYT any time they try to go against the grain; nice go-along-get-along moderate types will be left in confusion as the Almighty State envelops and smothers them. Disingenuous, unreliable, finger-to-the-prevailing wind types like Romney aren’t even worth discussing in this context; they’re worse than no help at all.

We’ll succeed in truly reclaiming America for liberty and Constitutional government only when we have leadership that understands this from deep in their bones, and unequivocally refuses to play their game any longer — and not a moment before. Most of us have been waiting a long, long time for it; we can only hope we find our new Intimidator — a truly tough, no-nonsense, rough-and-tumble type who isn’t afraid to get a little blood on his shoes from kicking the poodles to the curb — before it’s too late.


2 thoughts on “The Intimidator

  1. Early in Bush 43’s term I had hopes that he’d learned from his father’s experience not to trust the bastards. You work with them because you have to, and you remain polite because that’s the social lubricant, but you do not trust them, you don’t rely on bullshit collegiality, you know up front that the evil bastards are evil bastards.

    Case in point: I dearly wish somebody had nailed Teddy the K’s carcass tot he wall over his mealy mouthed claims that during the Cold War, politics stopped at the water’s edge. I suppose he might have maintained his veracity, since he didn’t have to leave the country to approach the KGB offering the undermine Reagon for them. Nope, the evil bastard went to his grave as everyone, who knew better, wept tears at the passing of a great man who fought the good fight.

    Teddy was an evil bastard, and somebody should have commented, “I’m sorry he died when he did. Should have happened years earlier. Is any of the wreaths from the KGB?” And damn the media and DNC hissy fits.

    All that happens in politics when you be conciliatory is make a sucker of yourself and thos who rely on you to stand for them.

  2. And both played to win, and took no shit off of the anklebiters or anybody else…

    That is the heart of the Reagan phenomenon. He could not be cowed into “bidding against himself” by the frowns of other “statesmen” or the smirks and sneers of the press.

    Louis Nizer wrote about the “bidding against yourself” tactic in My Life In Court. As a young plaintiff’s lawyer in a damage suit, the defendant’s lawyers would invite him to suggest a settlement figure. Nearly as it left his lips, the defendant’s lawyers would rear back in horror tempered with amusement, saying something like: “We are so far apart there’s no point in discussing it. Why don’t you try being more reasonable?” Unnerved, the young Nizer would immediately suggest a lower figure, effectively bidding against himself. Sometimes the defense would succeed at repeating the tactic several times in a single negotiation.

    Reagan never yielded to that tactic. Nor did he ever believe protestations of good will from the opposition, of “sincerely wanting to work with you” from persons who hated what he stood for. We desperately need a president of his convictions, and his confidence, today.

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