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The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire

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A lot of Republicans on Capitol Hill are terrified of a government shutdown. Look at what happened in 1995, they say, when Newt Gingrich forced a showdown with Bill Clinton and got his clock cleaned. It was a disaster the party can’t afford to repeat.

But another view is emerging in Republican circles. Perhaps GOP strategists have learned the wrong lesson from 1995. Maybe this time, while Republicans shouldn’t seek a shutdown, they shouldn’t fear one, either. For five reasons:

One, if shutting down the government in 1995 was such a catastrophe, how come the GOP not only kept control of the House in the 1996 elections but remained the majority party in the House for a decade to come? The voter revenge predicted at the time did not happen.

Two, even if the ’95 shutdown hurt the GOP — and there’s no doubt the party suffered wounds inflicted not only by Clinton but also by themselves — today’s voters are in a different mood. “We have fiscal crises at the federal, state, and local level, and voters understand that,” says Bill Paxon, a former Republican lawmaker and veteran of the shutdown. “Back in ’95, we were whistling into the wind — we were trying to preach fiscal discipline when voters were saying, ‘Hey, there’s not a problem.’ ”

Read the rest of York’s reasons, and then read this, which I meant to mention when it was first posted but didn’t manage to get to somehow.

If the GOPcong is smart (I know, I know) it will give the Dems what they want and engineer a shutdown – one that keeps the Social Security and Medicare checks coming, but closes the IRS and the hordes of worthless agencies busy trying to rule and regulate even the tiniest aspects of our daily lives.

After about two weeks of folks noticing the the world hadn’t ended when the Department of Education, the Labor Department, the FDA, or the BAFTA went on extended leave of absense, the Dems would be screaming to turn the state back on. The GOP should refuse, and I suspect that if they did so, they’d find most of the voters – the taxpaying ones, at least – cheering them on.

They won’t do it quite that way, of course; the Ogabe junta and our rulers in the permanent bureaucracy will do everything they can to make the shutdown as painful as possible, and the Ministry of Propaganda will see to it that every least whine from Americans inconvenienced while on vacation because the park was closed will get the broadest and most sympathetic possible airing.

But as York mentions, this ain’t 1995. It may not be as big as it ought to be quite yet, but we do indeed have a much bigger megaphone now for getting the truth out than we did then. And the unavoidable fact that liberals will lie any way they can about us should never, ever stop us from telling the truth about them, and from doing the right and necessary thing. It’s the worst, most damaging thing we can do to them, and to judge from their near-constant screeching hysteria these days, they know it.

Shut the damnable monstrosity down. As Bill says, let the people see for themselves just what kind of effect all those “nonessential” government employees have on them — beyond hoovering up enormous amounts of their money and un-Constitutionally micromanaging their existences, that is. Letting voters see the more deleterious of those effects removed for a while may just end up being a bigger disaster for the statists than having them witness the less-than-dire impact of giving all the goldbricks, paper-shufflers, rent-seekers, and layabouts some time off from snootering and hectoring us.


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  1. In his book How Washington Really Works, Charles Peters notes that during the three weeks around the Christmas holidays, federal absenteeism averages about 60%. Americans should compare the “service” they get from Washington during those three weeks to the “service” they get the rest of the year, and ask themselves which portion they’re actually willing to pay for.

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