What he does, not what he says

January 8th, 2011


This week’s announcement that 13 oil companies can resume activity in the Gulf of Mexico provided some hope the Obama administration might finally begin to approve drilling new permits. It couldn’t come soon enough.

Since the administration’s drilling moratorium was lifted in October, deep-water permit issuance is down 88 percent with only two new permits in that time. It’s only slightly better for shallow-water permits, which weren’t subjected to the moratorium, but are still down 11 percent.

Gregory Rusovich, chairman of the Business Council of Greater New Orleans and the River Region, said it’s a step in the right direction, but not nearly enough:

“We’re pleased that BOEMRE has stated that it is doing away with unnecessary hindrances. But we still are not seeing improvements in the number of deep-water permits being approved on a monthly basis. Without changes to the permitting process, we still face an uphill battle. And we will continue to track BOEMRE’s actions as opposed to its words as long as the country is run by green-weenie Marxist idiots.”

Fixed it for ya.

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