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Better sit down for this one

You won’t believe your eyes:

As America approaches the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s inauguration as president, we remember his inspiring message to members of Congress: “The Constitution makes us…all trustees for the American people, custodians of the American heritage.”

As trustees for the American people, Congress must honor our legal obligation to do what is right for our families and workers. As custodians of our heritage, we must uphold the American values of freedom, equality and opportunity for all.

Guess who wrote this happy pablum? Go on, guess.

For the past four years, it has been my honor to serve as speaker of the House, to follow in this tradition, and to work with my colleagues on behalf of the economic and national security of every American. Today, I will turn the gavel over to the new speaker,John Boehner, with my full commitment to join him in solving problems for America’s families. When Republicans put forth solutions that reflect our priorities and address our nation’s challenges, they will find in Democrats a willing partner.

The nerve of this vile bitch. The gall, the unleavened chutzpah. Hey Nance, where’s your big gavel now, you totalitarian harpy? Has that rictus-like death’s-head grin turned upside down all of a sudden? Shut your fat yap and skitter over to the minority side of the aisle for the duration; we need no further input from you, and you’ve done all the damage to our country you’re going to be allowed to do.

As we pivot into a new Congress, our No. 1 priority will continue to be putting people to work. And we will measure each proposal by a simple test: Will it create jobs? Will it strengthen our middle class? Will it reduce the deficit?

Gee, funny you weren’t asking any of those questions when you were passing a phony “stimulus” that stimulated nothing but growth of government power; ramming through a health-care takeover that you lied about from word one against the clearly-expressed will of the people, and that will further explode a budget already brought to insane levels by your reckless spending; takeovers of entire industries that will stifle our economic growth for years to come; and continuing with regulatory overreach that will ensure no business is willing to take the risk of expansion only to see their hard work confiscated by a kleptocratic, overlarge Leviathan-state.

The rest of it is just more of the usual stupid bullshit, more smoke and mirrors to obscure the real governing principles of the Democrat Socialist Party, which are expressible in the same sort of questions Pelousy pretends to have cared about before: Will it help to destroy capitalism and further consolidate the socialist, command-and-control tyranny the despicable 111th Congress went so far towards establishing? Will it limit the freedom enjoyed by individual Americans, allowing government to control more of their lives? Will it render the Constitution even more irrelevant than it already is? Will it fly in the face of our founding principles, and reinforce Wilsonian progressive despotism? Will it make outside-the-Beltway America less strong, less secure, less confident, and less prosperous? Will it enable and tighten the Democrat Socialists’ grip on absolute power in the future?

Those are the real questions, you wretched shrew. Your newfound eagerness to “reach out” from the rubble of your historic repudiation — not for the purpose of “assisting” in any phony recovery, but to hornswoggle the GOP into helping you back onto your feet — is low, transparent, two-faced chicanery at its worst. Better you cheap grifters should lie there and bleed out while the Tea Party Congress does what we elected them to do: take the first slow, halting steps back to legitimate Constitutional government and away from your failed Ãœberstate.

“Willing partner?” When we want any more shit from you, we’ll squeeze your head, bitch. Find a way to compromise with that, whydon’tcha.

Update! Captain Ed is a lot nicer about it than I’ll ever be: “Pelsoi is ending her tenure on the same sad and dishonest way it began.” Sad and dishonest, yes — and a whole lot more than just that, too, all of it wholly despicable.

Updated update! Yet more from Ed:

Claiming bipartisanship while out of power is the easiest thing to do in the Beltway; it requires no work at all.  Especially in the House, the Speaker has all the power, as Democrats repeatedly demonstrated during the four years of Nancy Pelosi’s dictatorial power, where the GOP got blocked from offering amendments and participating in the writing of bills, where the committee process got routinely subverted, and where 3000-page bills only saw the light of day mere hours before Pelosi demanded votes on them.

In fact, had Pelosi and Reid adopted a bipartisan approach from the beginning — or even after Barack Obama’s election — they might not find themselves on the outside looking in now. Pelosi locked the GOP out of the stimulus package, even though many in the Republican caucus clearly wanted to vote for some sort of ill-advised adventure in government intervention. Had she allowed it, both parties would have taken the blame for the failure of Porkulus, not just Obama and the Democrats. The Tea Party would have targeted a number of incumbent Republicans in the House and Senate as well as Democrats. Instead, Pelosi managed to hang all the blame on her own party.

If Democrats were serious about bipartisanship, they would have adopted it when they had the power to allow it, as John Boehner appears prepared to do with his proposal for new rules this week.

If Boehner actually does go through with it, it’ll be the biggest mistake he ever made, and he’ll be on the outside looking in soon enough himself. No compromise — NONE — with the Democrat Socialist scum. We know well enough by now what they’re all about, having just seen a perfect demonstration of it the last several years, and Republicans can be repudiated just as easily if the fools choose to conduct business as usual and roll over for more of it.

If the GOP proves itself yet again to be merely the flip side of the statist coin, they’ll finish themselves off for good, and deservedly so. This is their last chance, and Boehner needs to remember well that the counterrevolution ain’t about party, it’s about principle.

In other words, Mr Boehner, what parts of the Constitution are you ready to compromise on? What aspects of liberty are you willing to put up for sale? What parts of the American birthright are you willing to trade for a handful of socialist magic beans? Because when you speak of “sharing power” with the Tyranny Party, that’s exactly what you’re talking about — no more, no less.

AT LONG LAST CHANGE update! One of the most heartwarming pictures you’ll ever see, posted by DrewM:

Our long national nightmare is over. At least to some extent. Gavel that, back-bench bitch.

4 thoughts on “Better sit down for this one

  1. “As trustees for the American people, Congress must honor our legal obligation to do what is right for our families and workers.”

    “Liberal” fascists love to misquote and mischaracterize Thomas Jefferson. Here’s what TJ would tell the hosebag about their obligation.

    Draft Declaration and Protest of the Commonwealth of
    Virginia, on the Principles of the Constitution of the
    United States of America, and on the Violations of them
    December 1825

    “This assembly does further disavow and declare to be most false and unfounded, the doctrine that the compact, in authorizing its federal branch to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises to pay the debts and provide for the common defence and general welfare of the United States, has given them thereby a power to do whatever they may think, or pretend, would promote the general welfare, which construction would make that, of itself, a complete government, without limitation of powers; but that the plain sense and obvious meaning were, that they might levy the taxes necessary to provide for the general welfare, by the various acts of power therein specified and delegated to them, and by no others.

    Nor is it admitted, as has been said, that the people of these States, by not investing their federal branch with all the means of bettering their condition, have denied to themselves any which may effect that purpose; since, in the distribution of these means they have given to that branch those which belong to its department, and to the States have reserved separately the residue which belong to them separately. And thus by the organization of the two branches taken together, have completely secured the first object of human association, the full improvement of their condition, and reserved to themselves all the faculties of multiplying their own blessings.”

  2. This bitch is delusional. Only the vile corrupt or the absolutely stupid could possibly see her tenure as serving the PEOPLE the fact that she is still a leader in the only shows how fucked up this country really is.

  3. Only her pu$$y husband Paul and her manservant Steny have taken it up the a$$ more often than We The People. Hope the TSA sickies violate her each time she flies back to San Francisco commercially.

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