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The religion of pedophilia and sexual dysfunction

Not much has changed since the Pedophile Prophet’s day, apparently:

The vast gulf between U.S. and Afghan attitudes about homosexuality and pedophilia has generated concern among U.S. advisers in Afghanistan since the American presence there began to expand.

In late 2009, U.S. and British forces ordered a study of Pashtun male sexuality. They were worried that homosexuality and pedophilia among Afghan security forces and tribes could create cultural misunderstanding with allied troops shock and disgust among civilized human beings forced to work cheek by jowl with barbarian freaks, according to a copy of the report obtained by The Washington Examiner.

Fixed it for ya. Bill says it’s “bleakly hilarious,” and he’s right:

Islam, busily hanging faggots in Iran, and dumping buildings on them in Afghanistan, while Muslim men fuck prepubescent boys they keep around like meat.

Islam – if it moves and it’s under 12, we’ll fuck it.

US troops – “confused” by homosexuality.

US troops – being “hit on” by horny Muslims.

US gay troops, coming out – big insult to Muslims, except when horny Muslim men want to fuck them.

And on, and on…

Why on earth any enlightened denizen of Western civilization would feel any obligation to “respect” such a twisted, ass-backwards, plainly savage culture is beyond me. Tolerate their existence, maybe. “Respect” them? In a pig’s eye.

Oh wait, am I allowed to say that?

The parents of a Muslim boy who attends a secondary school in La Línea, Cádiz province, have reported their son’s teacher for an incident in the boy’s geography class which the child said caused him offence as a Muslim.

The teacher, José Reyes Fernández, with more than 20 years in the profession, was explaining to the class how the cold climate in Trevélez, Granada province, aided in the curing of the village’s most famous local product, jamón serrano. The boy told his teacher that hearing the word ‘ham’ in class was offensive to him because of his religion and asked his geography teacher to stop referring to the product which caused him offence.

El Mundo newspaper reports that the boy’s parents then reported the teacher to both the National Police and to the courts. They placed a denuncia against the teacher for psychological ill-treatment in the context of xenophobia and racism.

How to get a Muslim to eat pork: serve it on the naked bum of a ten year old boy.

Fucking freaks.


2 thoughts on “The religion of pedophilia and sexual dysfunction

  1. And then, when the young men get married they cannot figure out why fucking their wives in the ass doesn’t get them pregnant. Apparently our troops have to explain this to them.

  2. Not that I’m defending Islam, but be careful about equating local cultural practices with Islamic practices. They are not the same thing. Proof of this is that Islam is very clear in it’s condemnation of homosexuality, and that many Islamic nations consider it a capital crime.

    I’ve learned a lot about these areas of the globe from my Sister’s expatriate Persian fiance. What I’ve learned has not raised my opinion of these 3rd century, barbaric cultures at all, but it has helped me to realize that much of this has very little to do with Islam, itself. These people were screwed up royally before islam came around, and will continue to be so even if they convert away from Islam, because these are CULTURAL practices, not tied to their religion at all.

    By the by, my future brother in law makes no effort to defend Islam, either. He simply has a unique perspective on it all, and sees through to the truth of it. He is not a muslim, so there isn’t any bias there, either.

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