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A nation of gutless pissants

And that’s exactly what this McDonald’s-lawsuit bitch thinks we are. Slublog explains it:

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a perfect parent who is always able to bear up under the pressure. I am particularly vulnerable to the pout. We try not to show them too much television, but when I’m tired and just want a moment to rest, I sometimes fall prey to the temptation to fire up the DVR and give them an extra episode of “The Wonder Pets.” Although both my wife and I like to cook, sometimes we just don’t feel like it and at those times a hamburger and fries hits the spot. My girls are no strangers to the Happy Meal, and they like the toys. Like any toddlers, they are sometimes most persistent with their requests.

At the end of the day, though, I am the parent and even if it makes me the most unpopular person in the house, I have a defense against the toddler war of attrition. It is hard, but often necessary, to drop the nuclear bomb of parental weapons.


I am not going to pretend this is a simple weapon to deploy. As any parent will tell you, it is sometimes very difficult to deny an unhappy child what they want to have. One of my greatest joys as a parent is watching my children enjoy something – a visit to the playground, a book they love, a television show that makes them laugh, or a meal and toy that will bring them delight. Saying “yes” would make everyone happy, but it is not always the right thing to do.

It is not my intention to be overly hard on Parham…This lawsuit assumes all of us with children are as weak as the parents who have joined the CSPI in suing McDonald’s. That assumption is as offensive as it is patronizing.

Well, it ain’t my intention to be overly hard on her either; I intend to be just as hard on her as she deserves, which is plenty fucking hard.

This termite misrepresents herself as just an ordinary concerned mom, but in truth, she’s a professional-Left whiner (the only good thing to come out of the Ogabe regime so far, by the way, is that perfect turn of phrase), a buzzing blowfly whose immediate preference is not to, y’know, nut up and do what she’s supposed to as a parent, but to turn to the Almighty State to enforce a one-size-fits-all solution that will relieve her of her moderately difficult duty, and to make sure that none of the rest of us ever has the opportunity to damage her precious self-esteem by proving once and for all, through our own exercise of parental responsibility, what a lazy, worthless wretch she truly is.

Our society is chock full of disgraceful slugs like this. Far from being embarrassed over the abdication of their duty as parents, they’ve been trained by the nanny-state to feel that not only is there no reason to feel bad about it, but it’s actually perfectly acceptable — perhaps even admirable, but certainly at least necessary and proper — to leave the hard choices to their wards and minders, by the mandated removal of any temptation from the paths of the children they’re too chickenshit to say no to once in a while. The Almighty State having anesthetized and infantilized whole swathes of our culture thusly, the due sense of shame over crawling via lawsuit to government for assistance to alleviate their manifest incompetence is entirely AWOL. It’s been deleted from their psyches like a virus, leaving only a dysfunctional shell of a human being, an adult juvenile, a contemptible excuse for a man or woman formerly possessed of free will and dignity.

But in actuality, this loathsome Parham woman is worse than that. She’s not merely some sad, weak-willed parody of an independent woman; as mentioned before, she’s an activist for exactly this kind of result. She is not only shameless enough to crawl on her grubby knees herself to lick the hand that not only feeds her but tells her and her children what she must and must not eat; she is an unabashed advocate for dragging others into the mire of abject servitude and helplessness she wallows in like a crippled hog.

Which means she’s at least smart enough to know better, but immoral enough to contribute to the destruction of the dignity and self-reliance of literally millions of indolent souls too shiftless to lift a finger to preserve their rights by exercising their responsibilities.

And that makes her a far more dangerous tempter than McDonald’s will ever be. At least McDonald’s contributes a little momentary happiness to kids whose parents know enough not to rely on them exclusively for their nutritional needs; the excrescence Parham’s only contribution to anyone is the expansion and entrenchment of a mindset that has enfeebled an entire generation, and will literally enslave millions more with its insidious call to perpetual adolescence and dependence, for just as long as irresponsibility is allowed to flourish under the stinking bat-wings of the Almighty State — and its handmaidens like Monet Parham.

Update! More from McArdle:

One shudders to consider that when Patrick Henry stood up in St. John’s Church and declared “Give me Liberty, or give me Death!”, he was offering to exchange his life for a freedom that would then be passed down (to) people like this…people who would gleefully toss that freedom away with both hands if, by so doing, they might protect themselves from the harrowing predations of…a cheap plastic toy. Presumably, had he known this was coming, he would have sat his ass back down and shut up. What would these lily-livered quislings say if Henry was standing before them today, glaring reproachfully?

Nothing. She wouldn’t say a damned word. She’d sit there nodding her head as if in agreement, then when she got back amongst her fellow parasites, she’d run her yap boldly about all the things she’d’ve said to that rich white patriarchal interloper if she’d only had the chance. Then she’d look around for a lawyer to sue him for all the emotional distress he caused her poor pitiful self.

Y’know, if someone as characteristically calm and reasonable as Megan reacts this strongly, I don’t feel too bad about slicing and dicing the detestable parasite myself. Not that I did anyway, of course. But still. Read the rest of her piece, and the one she links; lots more good stuff in both places.

Updated update! From the scurvy lawsuit itself:

The lawsuit alleges that “McDonald’s exploits very young California children and harms their health by advertising unhealthy Happy Meals with toys directly to them” and that “children 8 years old and younger do not have the cognitive skills and the developmental maturity to understand the persuasive intent of marketing and advertising.”

Fair enough. Know what else children 8 years old and younger do not have? The power to make purchasing decisions on their own, a driver’s license to get themselves to Mickey D’s, and any of their own ready cash to buy the things with. All that comes back to the parents — just as it ought to. Are there parents out there too damned sorry and selfish to do the right thing and stand up to their kids now and then? Yes. Will there always be such parents? Indubitably. Does that mean ALL parents, and their kids, ought to punished by having their choices restricted by the grey, juiceless drones of the Left? For the disingenuous, totalitarian vermin at CPSI, their beard Parham, and other idiots who support crap like this, the answer is always: absolutely, positively yes. Allahpundit gets to the nub of it:

Actually, in all fairness, Parham’s probably not afraid to stand up to her kids. Read this Daily News piece (same one McArdle linked — M) and you’ll see that this “ordinary mom” of two is actually a children’s nutrition advocate on California’s state payroll. It’s not her kids who need guidance on healthy eating, it’s yours, and if that means using the courts to try to deny them an occasional treat that they might otherwise enjoy, hey.

As is always, always, always the case with Lefty sewer-rats, it all comes back to the one thing, and one thing only: establishing government control, by whatever means is available to them (usually the courts), over things the government has no business controlling. And they will never, ever stop — if only because there’ll always be something left that the government doesn’t control yet.

Somebody ought to sue the living shit out of the Center for Pseudoscience in the Left-wing Interest in turn, to force them to change their name. The sort of shamelessly false advertising implicit in baldly stating that what they do is in any way either science or in the public’s true and legitimate interest ought to be, to wit, actionable, I should think. Either way, one of these days, these grabby assholes are going to go too far…and then they’re going to have problems more pressing and immediate than Happy Meals, which will involve their own health a lot more than everybody else’s.

And as far as I’m concerned, that, too, is fair enough.


4 thoughts on “A nation of gutless pissants

  1. The worst thing about these people? They are not just acting like lemmings, they are breeding like them also.

    It is too much to hope however that they throw themselves off cliffs into large bodies of water, however.

  2. Even at four years old, my daughter was old enough to understand that, even though we were going to McDondalds, she was not getting the Happy Meal because we were going there for food and not for cheap plastic toys. She figured this out the first time we went, when we tossed the toy, unopened, in the trash along with the wrappers.

    I wasn’t trying to be a killjoy, but she had much better toys at home anyway. She figured it out. And once a month, or so, we would stop in for a quick (non-happy) meal, and have a lovely time.

  3. Anytime you see that the CSPI is supporting something, you may be sure that:

    1. It has no basis whatsoever in science, and:

    2. It has nothing to do with the Public’s interest, but with the Nannie’s.

    This is another fine example of such.

  4. Telling your kid “No” is the nuclear bomb of parental weapons? Really.

    I guess telling them “When you’re older” is the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs of parental weapons.

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