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Lileks follows up on yesterday’s find with a more comprehensive list of good Mac stuff. I use most of ’em myself, and can heartily second his recommendations. And here’s a few of my own:

For backups, Deja Vu is very damned slick, and completely customizable. DVD ripping: RipIt works well, and they don’t come much simpler; I never could get Handbrake to work right, and ditto with Mac the Ripper. If you listen to a lot of internet radio — which I do; mostly old stuff like various OTR stations or The 20’s Network — you’ll hear things all day long that iTMS just doesn’t have, and neither does anybody else. You’re gonna want to add at least some of it to your own collection, and if so, Audio Hijack Pro is a must-have. And of course there’s Cocktail, which is pretty much invaluable for general Mac maintenance and keeping the Infernal Machine humming along hitch-free.

So there ya go. And if you didn’t grab James’s, and my, recommendation from yesterday, what the heck are you waiting for?




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