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My problem with Libertarians.

One of Eric Scheie’s readers (as brought to us by Instapundit) nails it.

If the Libertarians were serious, they’d be doing what the Tea Party has done: Going to work for the Republicans at the lower levels, working at the precinct level, changing the beast from the ground up.  You don’t get to waltz in and take over an organization from the top down, you have to start at the bottom and pay your dues.  Unfortunately for the Libertarians, they think their ideas are so good and right and true that they don’t have work at it, if they just talk enough and craft their message just right, everyone will convert.

They really remind me of the Progressive wing of the Democrat Party.


8 thoughts on “My problem with Libertarians.

  1. As long as the republicans insist on social issues being the subject of federal busybodyness, ain’t gonna happen. That’s why so many libertarians are pro TEA Party. If the republicans would stick to governance and get the hell out of personal matters, I would agree with you, but that would require the removal of a couple of planks in their platform. My post My Kind of Libertarian explains why I left the party and why I call myself a Neo-Libertarian.

  2. To do what you advise would require compromising ones principles with is unacceptable to libertarians. It seems as that is not as important to republicians,the ends do not justify them means. The journey is as important as the arrival.

  3. The one thing the Libertarian Party has demonstrated that it absolutely cannot do is win elections.

    Pretty damning indictment of an organization formed for the purpose of….winnning elections.

    The Tea Party folks are on the right track, taking over the party most closely aligned with their beliefs that has actually shown an ability to win elections. They’ve done more for the cause of Liberty in 2 years than the Libertarians have done since the inception of the Libertarian Party. And in the process they’ve begun moving the Republicans away from the social cons.

    Here’s hoping that movement continues.

  4. Big-L Libertarians give me a pain. First, the idea of organizing libertarians is a lot like herding cats. It just don’t work.

    Me, I’m a small-L libertarian, also known as a “small-mouthed anarchist”…

  5. Yes. The Libertarians are pretty much like the Progressive Democrats, but they lack the part of the platform that gives everyone freebies from the .Gov to bring the sick, lame, and lazy around to their way of thinking.

    Social Conservatives tend to worry me, but Libertarians would be a total disaster.

    They bring us all of the worst parts of the Progressive agenda, with none of the underclass relief that makes the Progressives popular in the inner cities. Libertarianism is the Progressive agenda without relief checks, food stamps, or Rent controls, and with a whole lot more roaches, rats, and free-lance Socialists on the streets.

  6. Ooh, scary libertarians. They want to take over and then (gasp!) LEAVE YOU ALONE! Oh the horror!

    Seriously, folks, get a grip. It is true that Libertarians can’t seem to win elections much — probably because they are honest about all the stuff they wouldn’t do as government, but rather leave up to ordinary people to sort out themselves. On the other hand, libertarians (note the small “l”) are what most of us would call “Americans”.

  7. Who do you think the Tea Party consists of? It sure isn’t all religious conservatives.

    There’s a role for everybody you’ve mentioned. Sometimes the best thing one can do is simply stick by one’s principles and make the argument. Whether you win now or not, it’s important to put it out there and make people consider it. At least promote a little cognitive dissonance.

    The Libertarian Party wasn’t formed to *win elections*. Neither was the Republican Party. The fact that it’s all the Republican Party cares about now, is the problem.

    The LP was formed to get government to stick to the principles of limited government. You don’t necessarily have to win elections to have influence.

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