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I wonder…

After we put this into production, how long will it take the EnviroFascists to begin predicting “Peak Light”?

Hat tip Insty.


7 thoughts on “I wonder…

  1. Sir,
    As the energy extracted from light is directly dependent on the frequency of the photon we have already past peak light. Since sun is now yellow and headed to red the available energy from solar photons is inexorably declining.

  2. Interesting thing I noticed. Two of the guys in the story came from China, the third from Canada by way of India. That says something interesting. Our colleges are good at producing innovations, but we now have to import the innovators. Something went sideways somewhere.

  3. @GamerFromJump

    Something went sideways quite a while ago, when we made the mistake (in the late 1800’s) of importing the Prussian Method of education. We’ve made numerous mistakes since that have only compounded the problem. It will be a very long time before humanity recovers, if it ever does.

  4. The usual inconsistency from an avowed small government site. An energy post that fails to mention the hundreds of billions of tax subsidy funnelled to fossil fuels and ethanol, a full quarter century after the Gipper decreed “tear down this roof”.

    I’m sure you support all the GOP candidates who propose to abolish the DoE, who funded that research.

  5. @WhatsayyouSteny
    I don’t cotton to trolls. Since I’m one of the mean sumbitches that swings the banhammer around here, I’m going to give you exactly one warning: Clean up your act, engage us politely or get out.

    I don’t give a fuck either way.

  6. Maybe the troll should enlighten himself as to which party was running congress during the Reagan years? And has been doing so since then with the exceptio0n of a few years.
    Of course here I make the asumption that it knows where the spending (and taxing) bills originate.

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