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Of course your base is barking mad!

As Ed Driscoll, in the course of bringing this delightful “hippie punching” event to our attention, points out, the Dims believe their base is barking mad.

Of course they are!  The Left has been insisting that insane people aren’t really crazy enough to lock up for almost 50 years.  As a result, they’ve got one of the craziest bases imaginable.  See the reaction of one Susan Madrak to all this attention for all the proof you’ll ever need.

If anyone were ever to actually show her the southern chivalry she’s attempting to excoriate RSM for not having, she’d throw a feminist fit, yet she’s attempting to use his supposed lack of southern chivalry against him!  Yet another example of the Left attempting to have it both ways in all things.  And that, my friends, is crazy.

Update! And now she’s attempting to paint everyone on the Right as false Christians.  Lovely.  I’m not even religious, and I can see that’s not a good idea.

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