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Easy, Thunder.

I notice a trend around these parts to follow in the footsteps of those who predict the imminent implosion of dinosaur or zombie media.  True, newspaper after newspaper is folding, fewer and fewer people are getting their news from television and radio news sources and so forth.


Radio was going to kill the newspaper.  It didn’t.

Television was going to kill radio and the newspaper.  It didn’t.

The internet has been just about to kill radio, television and the newspaper for a few years now.  And (you guessed it!) it hasn’t.

Old technologies hardly ever go away completely.  There are still buggy whip manufacturers, for instance, although now most of their clientele is in San Fransisco, featured in a Zombie Time special, usually.  Despite the advent of digital video, you can still buy movie film, yes movie film, if you know where to look.  Despite the advent of digital still images that are finally almost as good as 35mm negative film (Don’t get me started on the superiority of slide film.  Just don’t.), Fuji, Kodak and Ilford are still being sold in reasonable quantities from Adorama and B&H.  Sure, you can no longer get them in the 20 pack as you once could, but the 5 pack is nearly as convenient.

There are even damned fools wasting their time learning how to knap flint spearheads and hunt boars the really old fashioned way.

I bet most of them vote Republican.


5 thoughts on “Easy, Thunder.

  1. OK, newspapers won’t die.

    They’ll just shrink to the point where they are completely irrelevant.

    Like my balls.

  2. Old Media isn’t going to get killed off, they’ll commit suicide. Of course there will still be niche publications, like Newsweek and Time have morphed into, where right now only The Nation holds sway. The NYT will be a prestige item, published thrice weekly and zealously read within a five block radius of Central Park.

    In the meanwhile, American Rifleman will have a circulation larger than all four combined, and be read across the entire continent.

  3. @Steve Skubinna
    Well, sure. But who will do the reporting? The AP? Nobody trusts them worth a darn. Fox News? Despite being the fairest, most objective and balanced news source in all of recorded history, they have an undeserved reputation as being right wing. The Examiner? Maybe, but I’ve seen an enormous amount of stupidiocy from the Examiner.

    Other than Robert Stacy McCain, I’m not seeing much in the way of New Media boots on the ground.

  4. I don’t care if they *exist*. I just want their influence reduced to the point that leftists don’t get an automatic ten point boost in every election because of relentlessly favorable coverage by CBS/NBC/CNN/NYT/WashPost/LATimes/Time/BostonGlobe/etc.

    All of those institutions – all of them – hold themselves up as source of objective journalism, and they are all in fact leftist shills.

    Only inertia still makes 4 million listen every night to a vapid cheerleader who has adopted her cheerleading from football to socialism. Those people are mostly old and dying off. The number is already down from 7 million, and I’ll be content when it drops to less than a million, of which some significant fraction isn’t paying attention because they have four shows up at the same time.

    Then it will no longer have the influence to throw a presidential election by doing supposedly objective news stories using faked memos. (If that idiot in Texas has just changed the font in his word processor, we would *still* be arguing with the left about those memos, and maintaining that the leftist media got Kerry elected instead of maintaining that they got Obama elected.)

    I have no doubt that thirty years from now there will be a publication named the New York Times and it will still be available on some sort of paper. But hopefully circulation will be about two thousand, and they’ll be mostly covering the schedule of performances in Central Park.

    I do think, though, that the one category most likely to completely disappear eventually is news shows from the major networks. They have to be a certain size to be economically viable at all, and they are getting to that lower limit.

    One potential outcome is for the old broadcast networks to dump their news divisions, and outsource their news content to a cable network. I’m betting that CBS goes with CNN because they’re such a good ideological match. That may extend the network news shows another ten years or so.

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