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Stupid French Vintners.

If I wanted to taste the barrel the wine came in, I’d chew on an oak branch.  The French are the worst wine makers on the planet!


3 thoughts on “Stupid French Vintners.

  1. Agreed. But they are followed closely by California vintners trying to copy them. While living in Germany, I became a fan of the German whites, Italian reds, and a few golden wines from what was then he Eastern Bloc. Since then I discovered the Aussies who get most of my business. The one American winery that I found (and had monthly subscription to for years) was V. Sattui in NAPA. Their Madeira is better than the ones from Madeira unless you wish to pay triple.

  2. Agreed as well. I have a background in selling wine here in Australia, and I cannot stand heavily wooded wine. I want to taste the wine, not what it was made in. Nothing beats a good unwooded Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough in NZ.

  3. I seldom drink Chardonnay for just that reason. I’ve been saving a bottle of unoaked Chardonnay that I found at Padthaway Estates in Australia. It’s too bad they don’t ship to the US … I’m quite taken with their Botrytis Semillon as a dessert wine – I’ve got one bottle left.

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