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Immigration and Housing.

Not much to connect the two, is there?  Well, there wouldn’t be in a sane world.  But we live in Bizarro World, where someone who has yet to do anything of significance can become pResident with 52% of the popular vote.  Two years in, we’re still waiting for that numbskull to do anything significant that is also good.  I imagine we’ll be waiting for quite some time.

The latest immigration idiocy had me a bit flummoxed, I’ll admit.  There is no reason for a pResident to take such a wildly unpopular stance on the subject, to the point of bringing lawsuit against a state for enforcing Federal Law.  These actions have pretty much guaranteed that his party will lose both the House and the Senate, and there’s a good chance that any Governor that supports him will lose their next re-election bid as well.

So why?

That Dimocrats are economically illiterate is, by this point, simply beyond argument.  It is as self-evident as the Rights enumerated by our Founding Fathers when they wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Bear that in mind, when you’re trying to figure out why these power-mad morons are doing whatever it is they’re doing.

Deep down inside, Obumblefuck knows it too.  But he’s in a bind.  He can’t ask the Republicans for advice (not that the current crop in Washington would be much help), and he certainly can’t be seen to do nothing, as that is anathema to the average Dim.  So he’s trying to pump up the economy the same way Slick Willie and Greenspan did, by inflating the housing market.  The problem is, there isn’t enough demand for houses, and there won’t be, as there just aren’t enough Americans that need them.

So he’s up to his usual tricks of circumventing the law (legal immigration, in this case) to achieve his goals.  Damn the soaring crime rate, we need people who can purchase houses!   Damn the integrity of our country, we need home buyers!  Damn the meaning of citizenship, just give us another housing bubble!

Or so he thinks.  Eight Governors have already joined with Arizona’s Jan Brewer, and I don’t think that train is quite full yet.  If the FedGov doesn’t get on board with the States posthaste, we may see a whole lot less FedGov a whole lot sooner than we ever could have hoped and dreamed.

Edited: The second to last paragraph was unclear and obnoxious.  Some will still find it obnoxious, but at least they’ll be clear on the reasons why.


2 thoughts on “Immigration and Housing.

  1. I don’t think the left’s love of illegals comes from the desire for a housing bubble so much as a desire to replace American voters with voters more amenable to a corrupt, Third-World society.

    If you think that’s crazy talk, keep in mind there was a UK Labor Party document recently uncovered that said their immigration policy was intended to do exactly that.

  2. Saw your comment at CY…when you click that video link, did you see the comments of the idiots about how the teapartiers should be condemning such “acts”? Fools! Ignorance is bliss.

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