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I know this may come as some surprise to our Leftarded friends.

But it must be said.

Our refusal to agree with you does not in any way, I assure you, stem from failure on our part to understand what you are conceited enough to call your ideas.  We understand these brain-leavings of yours just fine.  I daresay any child able to write the alphabet, nay, any child with a rudimentary grasp of the everyday language of their society, understands your immature blathering.  Pretending we don’t just demeans you and (mildly) annoys us.

Nor is it ignorance.  We are a well read lot, actually being in class while you fine folks were still struggling to roll your hungover asses out of bed.

You may now skip directly to calling us evil, since that’s all the Fundamentalist Mindset has left.




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