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Law & Order has been canceled after twenty years, although yes, it seems like much longer.

In related news, let me just say that the revised “Law & Order – Criminal Intent”, with Jeff Goldblum replacing Vincent D’Onforio, is unwatchable. And I say that as a fan of Jeff Goldblum going back to the Big Chill.

In this incarnation Goldblum’s character is so low key that after I flip the show on at night I find myself wondering – did I decide to stay up for a bit of television, or am I already in bed, asleep, and having a tedious dream? Somewhat disorienting.

Kathy Shaidle at NewsRealBlog:

Law & Order promoted its storylines as “ripped from the headlines,” but the show’s hate-on towards social conservatives was actually sourced from liberal op-ed pages, where paranoid (and inaccurate) predictions about “Tea Party violence” and ever-looming “Christian theocracies” have enjoyed an equally long run. …

Frankly, my favorite episode had something to do with “crazed white supremacist militia” members (yawn), because (to the profound irritation of the lawyers and cops sworn to preserve and defend it) said “ignorant” militia members kept quoting bits of the Constitution at them. You know, the parts about overthrowing tyrannical governments, and owning guns and stuff. Those 44 minutes were the closest millions of liberal viewers got to hearing accurate citations of America’s founding documents on national television until Glenn Beck moved to Fox.

Clearly, what we need is a new spin-off of the spin-off of the spin-off to Law and Order.

Some suggestions for the next Law and Order:

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Law and Order: The Tonsil Surgeon Gang
Law and Order: Either/Or
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Law and Order: Ripped from Today’s Seattle Post-Intelligencer Minneapolis Star Tribune San Francisco Chronicle Rocky Mountain News The Philadelphia Daily News The Miami Herald The Detroit News The Boston Globe Newsweek Headlines!
Genocide: Life Under Jan Brewer
Law and Order: If the ACLU Approves
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Law and Order: Sam Waterson, Energy Expert
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Law and Order: Check Page 2,738, Sect. 3, sub-paragraph (f).
Law and Order: Hawaii 5-7
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Law and Order: “Is this because Dick Wolf is a lesbian?”
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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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