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Liberals Propose Internal Passport Controls For USA, Detain Illinois Girls’ Basketball Team


Even as Eric Holder’s Gringo Gestapo are demanding “Papers, please!” from Faisal Shazad’s immigration-violator accomplices in Massachusetts, liberals in Illinois are detaining students without probable cause, banning them from exercising their Universal Human Right to immigrate to Arizona.

Fox News:

“The Highland Park High School varsity basketball team has been selling cookies for months to raise money for a tournament in Arizona..

Now, after winning their first conference title in 26 years, the girls are being denied the opportunity to play in the tournament over safety concerns and because the trip “would not be aligned” with the school’s “beliefs and values,” Assistant Superintendent Suzan Hebson told the Chicago Tribune.

Hebson said Arizona is off-limits…”

I think they should sneak in anyway.

Parents said there was no vote or consultation regarding the decision, which they called confusing, especially since they say no players on the team are illegal immigrants.

Votes? Votes mean nothing–the Arizona legislature voted, didn’t they? Voting with Your Feet While Foreign is sacrosanct, though.

Besides, if there were illegal immigrants on the team, the School District would be in violation of it’s own policies…it would be restricting the freedom of illegal immigrants to travel freely! Evidently, Internal Passport restrictions are for Americans only. Layers of irony…

Evans said he also failed to understand why the school allowed so many other trips, but not this one.

“The school has sent children to China…The beliefs and values of China are apparently aligned, since they approved that trip.”

They certainly are aligned, you Mao-Mao-ing RACIST!

Teachers, leave those traveling twelfth-graders alone, you communist control freaks.

UPDATE: Good for Gov. Palin, who is exploring fund-raising to get these athletes released from liberal custody and allow them to immigrate.

The girls themselves object to being used as political pawns by leftist educators, which has become a habit with them. Don’t the Geneva Conventions prohibit using child detainees for political propaganda?

Make no mistake: This is exactly the sort of disunity and strife that Divide-and-Conquer Democrats thrive on.

Turning Americans against Americans, pitting race against race, provoking state against state, dividing citizen against citizen; this is Obama’s Vision for America.


2 thoughts on “Liberals Propose Internal Passport Controls For USA, Detain Illinois Girls’ Basketball Team

  1. I would too, Francis. The arrogance of using Other People’s Children as propaganda tools is staggering. This shit has got to stop.

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