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Bob Bennett was a decent senator–but it’s time for a change (Updated)


…or to ghost-write presidential autobiographies. But it helps.

I’m not gonna join a chorus of those who are suddenly calling Sen. Bennett scum of the earth. He served honorably–but it’s still time to go.

Bennett was a decent senator. But he’s 76–even Reagan retired at 77. These are not seats-for-life and we need new blood.

He promised to only seek two terms, not four. Voters are holding him to his own standard. Washington Careerism is part of the problem, even in a good career.

The Official Narrative(tm) is that conservatives are eating their own. But the truth is just the opposite; we’re growing our own new crop of leadership, just as we should. Bennett was beaten by two really good candidates, not by “none of the above”.

Not even our last presidential candidate is immune from challenge. Whether or not you think it’s sincere, it has certainly focused John McCain’s mind and improved him as a candidate. Competition does that. We’re Americans. We compete.

Forget the liberal spin about how conservatives are “purging” the impure; that’s all just a way for the Usual Suspects to prop up the Regime and cling to the past in the worst sense of that phrase. These are trying times and nobody–NOBODY–gets to rest on their laurels. And that’s how it should be.

As wise man once said “I know that for America there will always be a bright new dawn ahead.”

Somebody fix some coffee.

UPDATE: Bill Quick has a less charitable view and emphasizes the policy problems Bennett had:

Aside from the fact that Bennett backed shamnesty for illegal aliens, cobbled together a health care “reform package” as bad or worse than Obamacare, was a pork baron and bribe taker of the first order, and simply lied about leaving after two terms, now he’s proclaiming himself a hero in his own – and his Senate brethrens’ – minds.

Maybe he can chump suckers like Allahpundit, but the mere fact that after being summarily rejected by his own party, he now considers running as a write-in candidate tells me everything I need to know about this geezer-RINO’s power lust, sense of entitlement, and absolute unsuitability for reelection.

Bennett’s pride is understandably hurt and he’s lashed out at Club for Growth, but the write-in talk doesn’t reflect well on him. It’s too Crist-like, too self-centered when we need unselfish, principle-centered leadership.

In any event, we agree with Utah’s primary voters–it’s time for a change. Past time.


4 thoughts on “Bob Bennett was a decent senator–but it’s time for a change (Updated)

  1. Nothing on God’s Green Earth could improve John McCain. He’s just another hyena fighting for his place at the carcass right now…

  2. “…focused John McCain’s mind and improved him as a candidate…”

    All well and good but a better candidate isn’t what we need. What we need is a better senator. And that ain’t McCain–no matter what he says in his desperation to hold onto his seat. Anyone who believes McCain has actually changed is living in a fool’s paradise.

  3. But Noel, Bennett is principled. Like many of the others of the RINO establishment, his first principle is the maintenance of his own power, perks, and place. After all, if he and his pals like Specter succumb to the rabble, then the right people will no longer be in charge of the party.

    And after they’ve all done such a damned fine job for us, liberty, and the conservatism they supposedly espouse. I’ve said all along my first goal is the destruction of the left’s political power, but when we have destroyed the enemy, I fully intend to move along to our “friends.”

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