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Nailed it two times

First, Prof Jacobson:

At its heart, the accusations of racism stem from the view which many critics of the Arizona law share, but will not state: All our immigration laws are racist because the vast majority of illegal immigrants are non-white, and of those, a majority are Mexican. Immigration laws, therefore, must be racist, and those who seek enforcement of the laws are racists.

This is the argument which is not made, because it inevitably leads to an open border policy which is a non-starter politically. Open borders are advocated by many groups, but not explicitly by any major political party or politician.

Hence the tension. You will hear charges of racism no matter what is done to enforce the immigration laws.

I do not believe that most Americans share the view that controlling the border — whether along the Mexican border or at JFK airport or at crossings from Canada — is inherently racist; so too, it is not racist to enforce the immigration laws against people who violate the border controls.

Rather, the issue is sovereignty. Is the United States, like every other country in the world, entitled to control its borders, to determine who can enter and under what terms, and to enforce the laws which protect this sovereignty.

Precisely so. And the truth is, they’re just as opposed to maintaining US sovereignty, along with a strong national defense — or “hegemony,” in Leftard parlance — as they are to enforcing border restrictions. They all fit together like a glove, and they’re all symptoms of the same affliction: the cherished progressivist notion that America is the source of most of the world’s problems and needs to be kept in close check, lest our rapacious capitalists bugger the entire planet and all its helpless, innocent inhabitants in a frenzy of imperialistic greed.

Next, and closely related, Rick Santorum:

So why, then, will I be in New Hampshire tomorrow?

For the same reason political novices are turning out in droves for Tea Party rallies across the United States. It’s our shared sense that something extraordinary — something alarming — is happening to America.

Federal power has exploded, along with the federal debt. President Obama has opened his arms to our sworn enemies and given the back of the hand to our closest allies. He has bowed before despots while unilaterally weakening U.S. defenses. He has shown disdain for the most innocent by mandating insurance coverage for abortion, funding embryonic stem-cell research and passing a government-run health care regime that will eventually ration care for less “useful lives.”

The President has waged an ideological assault on democratic capitalism in favor of European socialism, using every dirty trick in the book to get his programs passed while unemployment rates soared and the public pleaded with him to stop. And he shows no sign of slowing down the onslaught. Like the health care bill, his financial services “reform” reflects a belief in government control over refereed market competition that ignores the role government regulation had in creating the problem. And next up is a partisan immigration bill aimed not at passage, but at cynically trying to further turn Hispanic voters against Republicans.

Then there’s the President’s global warming bill. It will not only economically devastate the already hurting coal-producing and coal-burning states, but also drive more manufacturing jobs offshore.

To pay for all of this government control, D.C. Democrats have already passed new “fines” and industry-specific taxes and increased existing taxes. Now some are calling for a European-style value-added tax.

So, like many Americans, I could not simply sit by and watch the carnage.

President Obama is working to transform America into something we have never been and never aspired to be.

An ambition he worked very damned hard to conceal from the American electorate (save his repellent, anti-American, hard-Left base), with the willing collusion of the mainstream liberal media — not that I find that a very compelling excuse for not paying the minimal attention required to understand exactly who and what Obama has always been. Santorum was wrong on several things as a legislator, but he’s right on the money with this column. And anybody who claims not to understand what the Tea Partiers are all about after reading this is either willfully stupid or lying about it to try to discredit them.


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