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Steyn was right

When he said that living under the sway of the grotesque nanny-state Leviathan changes the very character of a nation:

The Davey family’s £815-a-week state handouts pay for a four-bedroom home, top-of-the-range mod cons and two vehicles including a Mercedes people carrier.

Father-of-seven Peter gave up work because he could make more living on benefits.

Yet he and his wife Claire are still not happy with their lot.

With an eighth child on the way, they are demanding a bigger house, courtesy of the taxpayer.

Mrs Davey has never had a full-time job while her 35-year-old husband gave up his post in administration nine years ago after realising they would be better off living off the state.

At their semi on the Isle of Anglesey, the family have a 42in flatscreen television in the living room with Sky TV at £50 a month, a Wii games console, three Nintendo DS machines and a computer – not to mention four mobile phones.

With their income of more than £42,000 a year, they run an 11-seater minibus and the seven-seat automatic Mercedes.

But according to the Daveys they have nothing to be thankful for.

“It doesn’t bother me that taxpayers are paying for me to have a large family,” added Mrs Davey.

Nothing short of despicable. This is what the sort of weak, subhuman drones whelped by the Almighty State look like:

Ever seen a fat leech? Well, you have now. And don’t even begin to kid yourself that it could never happen here.


3 thoughts on “Steyn was right

  1. They’re not sub-human, Mike–especially the children. They’re just wrong. Their moral muscles have melted. Probably not the worst case either; Muslims are allowed to bring four wives and put them all on welfare (where a Briton would be guilty of bigamy).

    Wretchard had a helluva column on this the other day:

    Britain is so badly in debt that even draconian measures won’t hack it. Like the man who has maxed out his credit card and maxed out his other cards to pay for his debts, piling interest on interest, it is no longer a question of curbing the spending spree. It’s a question of telling the public it has to work till it drops to pay a political generation’s folly. And that’s not the worst of it. All that tax money has gone to buy junk: one bloated bureaucracy after the other starting from local councils all the way to the EU monster in Brussels. Britain has gone into debt to buy a ball and chain. Who’s going to tell the electorate that? And how do you sell solutions to such monumental problems to an electorate accustomed to being promised ever more comfort, safety and ease? The answer: you can’t. The political system can’t meet the challenge without liquidating itself. Faced with an insoluble problem the political elite marks time by becoming obsessed with trivia. It rearranges the deck chairs on its Titanic. It whistles past its graveyard.

    Even worse; VDH chimed in on California, and you couldn’t tell the difference between Cali and Britain.

    There are plenty of Welfare Mercedes parked outside of Goldman Sachs, too.

    They’re all too human. And we’re all crooked timber, so we’re all susceptible. It’s damned unmanly, and that’s why IT MUST BE STOPPED.

  2. No slam against the kids expressed or intended, D. Just their worthless “parents.” There’s still a tiny shred of hope that the kids just might grow up to better men and women than those miserable parasites, and will be smart enough to be ashamed of them. Not much of one, but still, a shred.

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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