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Big Corn Flexes Its Golden Niblets, Impresses Big Tree-Hug: Why the “War on Cars” is a “War on Drivers”

“When Congress creates a miracle for one American, it creates a non-miracle for another. After that, Congress has to create a compensatory miracle.”–Dr. Walter E. Williams

Henry Payne:

On April 1, the Obama administration’s EPA issued final rules forcing automakers to increase their vehicles’ fuel economy by 40 percent in five years. The next day, the very same EPA favorably reviewed an ethanol fuel mandate that would force autos to get up to 5 percent worse fuel economy.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Follow us here. By the same date — 2015 — that the new 35.5 mpg EPA mandate is due to go into effect, oil companies are also mandated by Congress to double the amount of corn ethanol use (from 2007 levels) to 15 billion gallons. The current mandate of a 10 percent ethanol mix in fuel won’t get us there, so the powerful corn lobby is demanding EPA increase the mandate to a 15 percent ethanol mix.

Trouble is, a gallon of ethanol is 30 percent less efficient than a gallon of gas meaning that the more ethanol you mix in, the worse your gas mileage.

On top of the new CO2 regs that will add a $1,000 to the price of a car, motorists will be forced to buy watered-down gas, which is a back-door gasoline tax. Car-makers will struggle just to build engines and drive-trains to recapture the power they already have, not to mention the additional new requirements. And the first thing to go will be the heavier structural components which provide safety. Like the man said, “When Congress creates a miracle for one American, it creates a non-miracle for another.”

Which gets us right back to Glenn Reynold’s article on Centrally-Planned Mandatory Incompetence and to Doc Zero’s warning about what happens when the government referees decide they want to be players.

Not only do the refs become players, they eventually become the team owners, the coaches, the agents, the fans, the stadium-builders, the sports-writers and the jock-strap manufacturers, until one day, they finally become OJ Simpson, rifling through your hotel room looking for your sports memorabilia and the real killer.

(And congrats to Doc for getting this read aloud on Rush Limbaugh!)

Stop the Brutal War on Cars–and their Drivers!


2 thoughts on “Big Corn Flexes Its Golden Niblets, Impresses Big Tree-Hug: Why the “War on Cars” is a “War on Drivers”

  1. And how’s this for double-bonus stupidity: turning a staple crop into fuel means higher food prices, which disproportionately injure the poor.

    Lose-lose, baby.

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