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Student Loans?


…if by “student loans”, you mean having the law schools loan half their students to the medical schools so we have doctors chasing ambulances instead of lawyers.

Although I’m pretty sure Glenn Reynolds would disagree. heh. indeed.

Overlawyered might agree, though.

Anyway, Former Education Secretary Lamar Alexander is upset that Obama is going to run the entire student loan program now:

“This is a case of corporate welfare, a giveaway to bankers and to Sallie Mae,” said Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa.

Then what are Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, senator?

Alexander doesn’t like the Gumment borrowing money at 2% and loaning it to students at 6 or 8%, and using the profit to fund ControlCare:

The bill would see $61 billion in savings over 10 years from the switch to direct government lending. It would pay for Pell Grants and provide more than $4 billion to community colleges and historically black colleges. It also would direct about $19 billion to reducing the deficit and offsetting expenses in the health care legislation.

I would have sworn they put “$61 billion in savings” in the same sentence as “direct government lending”. Naw, I must have imagined it. They certainly are.

Even though the guys who run Sallie Mae gave politicians zillions, it looks the bottom of the bus for them. I bet they regret making the Obamas repay their student loans now.

At the risk of sounding crazy, why is the Gumment even in the loan business, directly or indirectly? I mean, besides the fact that they’re control freaks with money-printing powers? Oh. That’s why.

Every good idea must be a government program. And most of the bad ones, too. Besides, I thought college was a “right”–isn’t everything now?

I saw a cartoon the other day. It showed Obama as a schoolkid at the chalkboard answering questions. Whether it was a math problem, history, geography or science, the answer was always the same: “government”.

Have you ever heard the phrase “the clean, well-lit prison of One Idea”?

Whether its loans or health care or tattoo removal or a glut in the mohair markets or the make-up of ashtrays or apple orchards, the supposedly Smarterest-People-in-the-Whole-Widest-World have but One-Answer-That-Fits-All: government.

I’m not all that smart, but that sounds like a cult to me.


2 thoughts on “Student Loans?

  1. It makes perfect sense, when we need more doctors, ObamaLoan will give student loans only to med students.

  2. ummm…Thing, that does make perfect sense. Did you mean law students?

    Anyway, I think he really wants to just forgive the loans eventually, as with mortgages, making them “free”. On the other hand, I think he likes the control of the “charter of positive liberties”.

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