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Ask a silly question…

Prof Jacobson does, and comes up with the wrong answer:

Let’s try this hypothetical. Suppose there were a popular blog which was a mouthpiece for a major political party, and the commenters to that blog made derogatory statements about transgendered people, using the term “tranny” as a pejorative.

Would that make the proprietors of the blog, its readers, and the political party transgender-phobic? Should hundreds if not thousands of people somehow affiliated with that blog be maligned?

Yes, they certainly should. Because the truth is, they ARE homophobic. They are also racist, anti-Semitic, and bigoted in every imaginable way…WHEN IT ADVANCES THEIR POLITICAL AGENDA AND/OR EFFECTIVELY SLANDERS THEIR OPPONENTS. Racism, antigay smears, any lie imaginable — all are arrows in the liberal quiver, to be pulled out and used whenever it suits them, and clamorously objected to when used against them. Here’s where the good Professor makes his mistake:

There is no more basis to smear Think Progress, its employees and readers for what some (anonymous) person says in the Comments than there is to smear the various Tea Party groups, supporters and attendees for what some (anonymous) person at a rally allegedly shouted.

Perhaps, perhaps not. Trouble is, the numbers are, as always, not on their side. To revisit a point made in my earlier post, their mainstream makes our extremists look tame; there are far, far more liberals willing to resort to outright racism and other unsavory stratagems to see the progressivist agenda advanced than there will ever be bigots at Tea Party protests. At some point, those numbers make reaching certain conclusions about the larger group perfectly valid.

This also highlights another of my earlier points: Jacobson is calling for decency from the fundamentally, irretrievably indecent. And just as I said earlier, all that approach has ever gotten anybody is the right to disdainfully survey the scene from on top of a hill of moral rectitude — a lofty perch from which the howling mob of screechmonkeys will soon chase you in disarray. That hilltop has a grand view, all right: of the imminent defeat you’re about to suffer. You can see it coming from miles away.

To allow liberals to get away with equating a manufactured episode of racist epithets being shouted — one for which there has been absolutely no credible evidence so far presented — with the routine disgusting daily fare at liberal web-sties is folly. It’s playing their game by their rules, and it’s a sure-fire recipe for disaster. Contrary to the liberal assertion, racism is NOT a fundamental plank of the conservative platform. Their central premise is a most egregious and crippling lie; it ought to be rejected, not conceded.

As McCain and the rest of the RINO herd should have learned long ago, playing nice with them does NOT mean that they will play nice with you. In fact, they’re much more likely to perceive such a self-defeating strategy as their Muslim-zealot allies do: as a weakness to be exploited in the old strong-horse weak-horse formulation. There is undoubtedly a time and place for civility and reasoned debate. That place is not in the trenches of what amounts to an actual war, albeit not yet the shooting kind.

Liberals ought to be given every bit as much quarter and consideration as they’ve always extended: none whatsoever. They’ve gone way past earning that by now.


1 thought on “Ask a silly question…

  1. Liberals ought to be given every bit as much quarter and consideration as they’ve always extended: none whatsoever.


    When did we become such weenies? Speaking the truth is considered politically incorrect now. My BFF Tony (Soprano) would be aghast!

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