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[NBC’s] Mott reported:

In the past two days, men’s speed skating was slowed to a standstill because of poor ice conditions, further complicated by the environmentally friendly machines, used in place of the tried and true Zamboni, that kept breaking down. A Zamboni is being brought in from Calgary.

On, Tom Weir explained the malfunctions, “that delayed the women’s 3,000 meters Sunday and which threatened to postpone the men’s 500 Monday were unprecedented at Olympic speedskating,” and were caused by Canada putting “green” interests ahead of reliability:

The problems suffered by Olympia brand resurfacers brought into question the decision of the Vancouver Olympics to be as green as possible, and use electric-powered machines to groom the ice. To prevent further problems, a traditional, propane-powered Zamboni has been trucked in from Calgary.

But not to worry; that truck runs on soy milk, not diesel!

I thought propane was eco-acceptable. Maybe they thought the Zamboni just looked too much like an SUV.

Speaking of guzzlers, he’s shaken, not stirred;

A Westport lawmaker who voted to hike the state sales and alcohol taxes was spotted brazenly piling booze in his car – adorned with his State House license plate – in the parking lot of a tax-free New Hampshire liquor store, the Herald has learned.

Michael J. Rodrigues’ blue Ford Crown Victoria, emblazoned with his “House 29” Massachusetts license plate, was parked outside a Granite State liquor store on Interstate-95 South over the weekend, according to a witness who provided pictures to the Herald.

It’s those darn Reich-winging, tea-bagging, tax-resisting, Democrat state legislators again!

When lawmakers have to flee the state to avoid their own laws, maybe it’s time for change. Liberals can’t even find ice in the Canadian winter anymore.

Use the Zamboni, don’t ban it. Mix the martini, don’t tax it.

Common Sense is the Last Resort of a Liberal. After liberalism fails.


5 thoughts on “Toss me a Zamboni here

  1. The Olympic ice saga is all too typical of the cult of environmentalism.

    If they were so concerned about the environment, so worried that the baby had a fever (thanks, Gore)…wouldn’t they, um, cancel the Olympics?

    Or is it ok since we’ve offset the CO2 generated by the thousands of plane flights, the frivolous ceremonies, etc., by planting an acre of trees in Kenya. The same acre that has probably been ‘planted’ a few hundred times for carbon-credit purposes.

    Thank goodness they are the smart ones, or we’d be in real trouble.

  2. Right you are, Henry.


    Armed with Gore’s utility bills for the last two years, the Tennessee Center for Policy Research charged Monday that the gas and electric bills for the former vice president’s 20-room home and pool house devoured nearly 221,000 kilowatt-hours in 2006, more than 20 times the national average of 10,656 kilowatt-hours.

    “If this were any other person with $30,000-a-year in utility bills, I wouldn’t care,” says the Center’s 27-year-old president, Drew Johnson. “But he tells other people how to live and he’s not following his own rules.”

    Scoffed a former Gore adviser in response: “I think what you’re seeing here is the last gasp of the global warming skeptics. They’ve completely lost the debate on the issue so now they’re just attacking their most effective opponent.”

    Kalee Kreider, a spokesperson for the Gores, did not dispute the Center’s figures, taken as they were from public records. But she pointed out that both Al and Tipper Gore work out of their home and she argued that “the bottom line is that every family has a different carbon footprint. And what Vice President Gore has asked is for families to calculate that footprint and take steps to reduce and offset it.”

    Even if it’s a new acre of “offset” trees planted every time, it’s still an aristocratic plan; no heated swimming pool for you serfs unless you can pay for a park in Peshwar, too.

    And Gore isn’t “asking”–he wants the government to force you to purchase offsets.

    And, as coincidence would have it, from him.

  3. Yes, Noel, Gore makes himself a mighty easy target. But, the smugness seems to be evaporating along with any remaining shred of support for their eco-indulgence-peddling scams.

    If Gore were a not a lefty, the NYTimes would have long ago displayed the financial fingers this man has shoved in the AGW pie.

    I guess when you fail out of divinity school, the next best thing is to roll your own religion.

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