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I tried my first Rye Whiskey tonight, Old Overholt.  If anyone knows some other good brands they like, put me some knowledge in the comments.  And don’t even bother with Ri.  I can fairly sense the pretentious nonsense rolling off those bottles in waves, and I’ll be damned if I pay $47.00 for 750ml just to look good.


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  1. Ever try Four Mules, the Tennessee slammin’ whiskey? Or Red Tractor, the Vodka Russia runs on?

    Sorry – those were old jokes from university. 🙂

  2. Good quality rye whiskeys are Canadian stock in trade. Crown Royal leads the pack, followed by Canadian Club or Seagrams VO. As all whiskeys, it’s an acquired taste.

  3. Old Overshoes?!? I haven’t heard that since I used to swill it at my aunt’s house. There used to be a lot of Rye distillers here in the land of the Whiskey Rebellion, but they’ve all gone out of business.
    The state has a monopoly on liquor sales and loses money every year–that’s the only lesson one needs in socialism.

  4. Well, I dunno, Randy; Knob Creek bourbon is some pretty danged good stuff, at around 50 a fifth. I’d definitely buy it more often if I could afford it.

    Another road story, not entirely OT: the band played a wedding once, for a very nice well-to-do couple that met at one of our shows (we don’t usually do weddings, but we’ve done a number of those over the years, with almost all of the marriages eventually ending in divorce; go figger), and the minister, during his pre-party speech, blatantly insulted us before we started, saying “it takes all kinds” while turning around to look directly at us, with nary a hint of good humor or irony. By way of apology, the mortified bride and groom sent us a case of Knob Creek when they got back to San Francisco, where they were living at the time. Apology graciously (hell, gratefully) accepted.

    That wedding took place in — where else? — DC, by the way. Guess snooty DC disdain for us bitter clingers is nothing new, and not just limited to politicians.

  5. Oh, I don’t mind paying good money for good booze, Mike. But throwing nearly $50 at a bottle filled and labeled by people that thought it was a neat marketing gimmick to spell “Rye” as “Ri” isn’t something I’m inclined to do. Unless of course someone I trust says “Hey, I drink rye whiskey all the time, and you know what? This shit is worth it.”

    Knob Creek rocks. I’m currently working my way through some Woodford Reserve, after which I’m going to have to buy something to replace it. I haven’t decided yet between Knob Creek, Booker’s or Four Roses.

  6. Templeton Rye is a good one, but hard to find. It is made in Templeton, Iowa. Getting hard to find even in Iowa. Supposedly was Capone’s brand of choice during prohibition. You can still get the bootleg stuff if you know who to talk to.

  7. I bought some rye for the first time recently and had a choice between Jack Daniels and a bottle costing $120. I took the Jack and was suprised at how smooth it was. I bought it for a recipe and then drank it for the taste.

  8. The Jim Beam Rye is a pretty decent drinking whiskey. Got a slightly different taste from “normal” bourbon. Makes a hell of a highball with some ginger ale.


  9. It’s not always easy to find but Wild Turkey makes a fine rye. Old Rip Van Winkle is quite good as is Buffalo Trace (which now makes ORVW). For something more artisinal try Hudson Manhattan rye from Tuthilltown made in NY.

    If you like rye you will also probably like bourbon which is very similar. Basically both are made with a mixture of rye mash and corn mash, bourbon has a higher corn content and rye a higher rye content. There are dozens of wonderful small batch bourbons. My favorite is Blantons, but there are many other fine ones. All the producers listed above make very fine bourbon as well. Knobs Creek, Makers Mark, Woodford Reserve, Eagle Rare, Rock Hill Farms all make very nice bourbons. (Many make rye as well).

  10. Hi –

    Rittenhouse Rye. Comes in three varieties: normal 80 proof, 100 proof bottled in bond (2006 North American Whiskey Of The Year, no less!), both 6 years old, and a wild 23 year old. The latter one is three figures, though: the 80 and 100 proof are around $15 and $20 bucks, respectively. At least in the US it is.

    If I could get this easily (I live in Germany, and it’s around $40 here for the 100 proof) and at that price point, I doubt that any other could come close to it. Just google “Rittenhouse Rye” and see what other say. Righteous Pennsylvania-style Rye, the kind that fueled the Whiskey Rebellion way back when. Try it and you’ll see why those farmers were willing to fight. 🙂

  11. @Spuds

    Yeah – the Crown Royal is pretty good.
    And you get a little bag, too!

    (When I visit the cousins in Canada, I bring a bottle along – eases those cross-border tensions.)

  12. @ Mikey NTH

    I admit to having ‘Purple Bag’ envy when I would take my marbles to school. Not too many in our family’s circle of friends had that expensive a taste. Yeah, I know, I’m dating myself. Oh, well………

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