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The Only Thing “Shovel-Ready” is the Horsesh*t


Captain Ed:

Obama is about to offer the hair of the dog for the national hangover. He wants Porkulus II, with even more spending on road construction that didn’t dent the employment picture at all the first time. AP’s analysis shows that it won’t create or save jobs the second time around, either.

That’s right.

In fact, the road-construction stimulus has a lot in common with Cash for Clunkers and the homebuying credit. All are temporary and limited attempts to get a one-time spike. It’s almost like a checklist rather than a strategy for creating long-term growth, a way to look busy without doing much of anything at all.


Obama is stealing roadwork from the next few years and front-loading it into 2010. Not only will that not create much employment now, it will create a depression in the road-construction industry for the next several years.

I’m with you there.

It’s time for this administration to admit that it has no idea what it’s doing.

WHOA, Hoss! Hold on a minute–they know exactly what they’re doing: killing jobs is another way to grow the government.


Now, for those of you who think that there might be job growth on the horizon, be sure to factor in the coming layoffs in state, county, and city jobs. Now, the only reason those layoffs haven’t happened is Obama’s slush fund, which he calls the stimulus package. Because thanks to Obama’s stimulus bill, his slush fund, the states have not had to suffer mass layoffs needed to put their budgets in balance with true revenues, revenues not supplemented by payoffs from slush funds. So states all over the country are grappling with huge deficits thanks in part to a 10% unemployment rate or ten-and-a-half or 17. In some of these states it’s even higher than that.

The tax base has been decimated. This next year look for higher levels of job cuts in state, county, and city jobs. You can see with tax collections now falling for the third consecutive quarter, double-dip. When they run through this stimulus money that they got — you didn’t get it, the states did — to shore up their deficits, to shore up state employment — when they run through that and they’re going to run through it like a hot knife through butter then they’re going to have no choice than to start laying off people and the unions are going to howl and it’s going to be a big, big mess. Cities all over the country don’t have enough money in their budgets to clear snow from the streets, and when the snow is not cleared people can’t get to work much less the store. Vital city service can’t be provided in some places now. This has been caused now thanks to the failed economic policies of the buck-stops-here President Obama. The buck ought to stop with the private sector. But it doesn’t. Obama has made it his private sector, and he has failed, as has every other central planner who’s tried to micromanage a giant economy, or any kind of small economy.

Now, the reason Obama failed is because he embraces failed policies, failed political philosophies, knowingly. He took responsibility for job creation when tax cuts for the private sector were in order. And then there was this upside down comment about who was responsible for keeping the country safe. “This incident, like several that have preceded it, demonstrates that an alert and courageous citizenry are far more resilient than an isolated extremist.” That was Obama December 28th, 2009. When it comes to national security the buck stops with the president. When it comes to job creation, the buck stops with an alert and courageous citizenry who are far more resilient than an isolated central planner is, who really doesn’t care. He’s now almost a single payer in the student loan program. So there’s no improvement month to month in the employment picture. It is worsening. It’s going to worsen even further with state and city and county layoffs that are sure to come at some point in this new year. And then there’s going to be inflation with all this printing and borrowing of money, and they’re talking about a double-dip in the housing market now or commercial real estate.

I don’t mean to be a downer here. What’s frustrating is that once again this government’s governing against its own citizens. This president and his party are governing against us. We are at war with our own president. We are at war with our own government. They are the ones standing in the way of the private sector rebounding. They’re the ones standing in the way of job creation, purposely.

Even if you don’t believe it’s on purpose, Obama is at best ambivalent about unemployment–except for keeping his own job. That’s why he funded state and local government union jobs–and gave unemployment payments to everyone else whom the government drove out of their jobs with their Socialized Mortgage Debacle.

The rest of the Stinkulus Bill consisted of every back-scratching, feather-bedding pork-laden bureaucratic boondoggle that lawmakers had sitting in the bottom of their desk drawers for the last 20 years.

Far from being a well-planned infrastructure bill, they simply dumped out their desk drawers and passed every old project, projects that weren’t good enough to pass on their own the first time around. Then they tied a pretty bow around it and called it “law”.

Obama let Congress write the bill because he doesn’t care. His interest is Socialized Medicine, in hopes of putting government in control of you and your body and confiscating another 1/6th of the formerly free market, because he wants every future election to be about “How much are you going to expand my coverage?”

You don’t need no steenking job, pal. And this ain’t your father’s Democrat Party–unless your father was an Afro-Marxist bureaucrat.

Like Bill Ayer’s.


2 thoughts on “The Only Thing “Shovel-Ready” is the Horsesh*t

  1. “…killing jobs is another way to grow the government.”

    Precisely. By the time these statist baglappers are done, we’ll all either be working for the gummint, or depending on it for handouts. And they know large enough numbers of suckers sheep people will then be motivated to vote for their Democrat Socialist masters benefactors to keep the gravy coming in perpetuity. And that, of course, is the whole dark idea lurking just behind liberal munificence. See the Baldilocks post I mentioned below for a preview of how well it’s worked in but one sector of the electorate.

  2. Whatever their faults, old-school Democrats like LBJ at least wanted full employment. Full employment is an obstacle to these clowns.

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