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Corporation Green-Shirts


Man, you been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long on carbon credits.

Doc Corsi:

A Mumbai-based Indian multinational conglomerate with business
ties to Rajendra K. Pachauri, the chairman since 2002 of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, stands to make several hundred million dollars in European Union carbon credits simply by closing a steel production facility in Britain with the loss of 1,700 jobs.

The Tata Group headquartered in Mumbai anticipates receiving windfall profits of up to nearly $2 billion from closing the Corus Redcar steelmaking plant in Britain, with about half of the savings expected to result from cashing in on carbon credits granted the steelmaker by the European Union under the EU’s emissions trading scheme, or ETS.


Why would we do this to ourselves?

Are we going to re-name the Pittsburgh Steelers the “Pittsburgh Beggars and Borrowers”? We could rename Three Rivers Stadium, too: “Soup Kitchen Stadium”.

This is the Cap & Trade scheme that Obama wants Congress to pass…or else he threatens to do even more damage to our economy.

Mandatory unemployment and massive wealth transfers to corporations. Didn’t we just do that with the Socialized Mortgage Meltdown? Which, by the way, they also want to do again. It’s buried in Friday night’s 1,279-page House bill, reviewed by Robert Stacy McCain here:

Hey, did you catch that? The government could “break up companies that threaten the economy.”

* Question: Which companies are targeted by this?
* Answer: Any big company that gives too much money to Republicans. […]

And of course Barney Frank is in charge of the bill! Who else can we trust to bring reform and transparency to the financial industry?

And when the bill goes to the Senate, Chris Dodd will be in charge of it. Because this just makes sense, you see?

It makes as much sense as the “anti-corporate” protestors flown in to Copenhagen by George “The Eggman” Soros an unknown party. They think they’re protesting corporations but they’re really protesting for some and against others.

Polar Bears get all the good press. But I am the Walrus.

UPDATE: Not to be outdone, the Reid Senate has passed its own Friday night spending bill that weighs in at 1,088 pages and $1.1 Trillion. Yes, dollars. This is the bill that by law was due in October.

It includes money to bring Gitmo terrorists to the US, money for abortions, money for needle exchanges and money for federal raises–all the things voters have been clamoring for.

“Goo goo ga joob.”–the late Humpty Dumpty’s final words Before the Fall.


3 thoughts on “Corporation Green-Shirts

  1. SanFraNan, Hopey McChange, and that Sour Little Bastard from Nevada are doing their best to beggar the American taxpayers that aren’t part of their lib-rul ruling class. I believe they may have reached too far using their minion Jackson, but that remains to be seen. A measure of the depth of corruption (ACORN, et al) versus the Constitutionalists will play out at the ballot box in 2010. We do live in interesting times…

    BTW – the Pissburg Squealers’ home stadium is “Theresa” Heinz Field, as Three Sewers has been demolished. Just sayin’.

  2. Rotten green pukefaces Green is the new color of evil eco-freaks and crinimals

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