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Sarah Palin’s “Breast Panels”


“He [Ronald Reagan] knows so little and accomplishes so much.”–a baffled Robert McFarlane, speaking for the Washington Know-it-All Class

It’s the damndest thing; for a Stupid, Stupid Girl, she just keeps on turning out to be correct:

Dick Morris:

The panel evaluating the effectiveness of mammograms did not find that they don’t work or that they do not save lives. Rather, it found that the lives they save are not “worth” the cost of annual testing. This bureaucratic balancing of human life and financial cost lies at the core of the government managed health care in the Obama Bill.

To maximize your chances of avoiding breast cancer, women over 50 should, of course, be tested annually. But to save the government money and to conserve scarce resources, the government would like them to increase their chances of becoming sick and get screened only every other year.

Because of the high standards at this blog, I will not say something like “The government now recommends that women younger than fifty stop by Bill Clinton’s Harlem office for a less expensive, free-lance diagnosis.” I just won’t do it. Thank you for understanding.

Under our current health care system, the government can only recommend such changes.

But under Obamacare, it can and will require them.



1 thought on “Sarah Palin’s “Breast Panels”

  1. As long as we giving this value, why are we bothering with Mammograms for women over 50? I mean, they’re practically at the end of their working life anyway.

    Imagine how much we can save in Social Security!

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