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Egg-zackly Inexact


You know the Ronnie Milsap song “She Keeps the Home Fires Burning”?

Well, my wife Keeps the Home-Fries Burning. She’s got a carbon footprint bigger than Idaho, Spud.

But yesterday morning she cooked a half-dozen eggs and some bacon without raising the the color-coded Homeland Security Threat Level. Delicious! But by Washington standards…she “saved or created” six chickens and a pig!

If we had a real press corps, the phrase “saved or created” so many jobs would be a term of derision and scorn, like “burn the village to save the village” or “that statement is inoperative” or anything ever said by John Kerry. Anything at all. Ever.

Yet Gibbs still uses it without any challenge. I said “If”.

It’s the Nobel Rationale applied to the economy; “We have no proof of any results…and that’s the way we like it!

Speaking of…what’s that…no, hon…I was just kidding…but…’cook my own breakfast’?; Aw, c’mon, Honey, don’t be that way!

I gotta go. I smell smoke.


1 thought on “Egg-zackly Inexact

  1. May I pass along my secret, OK not secret, unusual ingredient? Black Chinese vinegar applied a couple of times during the cooking of the potatoes. I also use my mandoline slicer to shoestring the potatoes (Yukon Gold preferably) which makes them cook a bit faster.
    Leme see – cook some bacon, then dice up onion into the hot bacon grease and toss a potato’s worth of ‘strings in the skillet, some salt, some pepper and a splash of the vinegar. Flap the mix around in the skillet for a while and hit once more with the vinegar.
    I’m rather fond of it.

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