Diamonds and Eternal Vigilance Are Forever

October 8th, 2009


Pamela Geller has a good link to watch Canada’s top publisher Ezra Levant and top writer Mark Steyn explain to Parliament why free speech is good and political censorship is bad. Unless Neil Young releases another album. Just kidding. I like old Young. Stand up, Neil.

“Absolutely brilliant display of solid reasoning and logic by these two men,” she says.

But in another sense, it’s pathetic, though. As kids, we thought these issues had been settled by our forefathers at Runnymede and Peter Zenger’s trial and in the Bill of Rights. But here it is 2009 and we’re still fighting for something as basic to the body politic as breathing and Key Lime Pie are to our bodies.

America’s top two legislators just called millions of their fellow citizens “Nazis” and “evil-mongers” because they dare to disagree about how best to approach health care. I heard plenty of howling about those idiotic Pelosi/Reid statements–but I never heard a single stormtrooper conservative mongering advocating that they be arrested for hate speech. For Botox abuse and resembling Parson Weems sucking on a lemon, yes–but for hate speech, no. Not once.

If we can afford Free Speech for the Powerful yet Retarded, we can afford it for all. Including Kathy Shaidle:

After observing the atmosphere at CPAC, Peter Brimelow wrote:

“The backlash to Obama is likely to be faster and more furious than the Beltway Establishment, Right or Left, anticipates.”

Today he calls the Obama term “a four-year O.J. trial”, and he adds:

“The plain fact is that the Obama Administration has very shallow roots in historic America. It is, to put it brutally, a minority occupation government. Government and governed have little real contact or mutual understanding. It’s a recipe for continuous clashes.”

I just threw that in there because I could…and that’s the point.

The last word is that there is no last word…and no time that these freedoms we have taken for granted will not have to be defended in word and in deed.

Update: American Thinker:

“…Sunstein’s new book, On Rumors: How Falsehoods Spread, Why We Believe Them, What Can Be Done, in which he attacks the plague of “rumors” besetting the Obama administration. Rumors must be regulated, according to Sunstein. Suspiciously, Sunstein’s definition of “rumors” never seems to favor conservatives. To combat “rumors,” Sunstein proposes fines, and even obligatory retractions, in the case of Internet publications.

In his new book, harsh penalties would be meted out for those that “spread rumors about an appointee of a Democratic president,”

As a Czar (from “Caesar”), Sunstein is ‘an appointee of a Democratic president’–he wants to criminalize anyone who criticizes him!

If Sunstein disagrees with my assessment in that last sentence, he’s got an answer. That is, not a better answer than my assessment, but simply to airbrush and erase mine:

“Those who run websites would be obliged to take down falsehoods upon notice.”

Or put another way, “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer, ein Sunstein-approved website.”

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  1. October 8th, 2009 at 12:24 | #1
    For a second I thought you were calling me Powerful yet Retarded. 🙂

    Uh, you weren't, were you...?

    PS: watching Steyn and Levant and THEN the idiotic questions from the politicians we were all like, "Hey, the wrong people are on THAT side of the room, dudes!"

  2. October 8th, 2009 at 14:13 | #2
    Around here, Kath, we usually just refer to ourselves and our friends out there in Bloglandia as "special." 😉
  3. October 8th, 2009 at 14:27 | #3
    No way, Kathy! Around here, you're Powerful and Regarded.

    Thanks for going and Speaking Truth to the Anti-Speakers.

  4. Windy Wilson
    October 8th, 2009 at 17:15 | #4
    You would be obliged to take statements off your website when you are notified that they are considered false, not when they are proven to be false! An important distinction lost on our elected servants masters.
  5. October 8th, 2009 at 19:02 | #5
    Yes, that's worse, Windy--but it shouldn't matter. True or false, who are the Truth Police to say? And who will compose this body of dispassionate, disinterested truth-seekers? Academics? Sunstein is an academic and his idea of truth is banning criticism of Cass Sunstein.

    I think these professors have gotten used to the uncritical thinking, the lockstep conformism and the mind-numbed robotic ditto-heads that impersonate the academy today.

    They've been taking advantage of the power imbalance to bully students into compliance and silence for so long, they think they can bully the entire internet.

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