“Mr. Hoffa wants you should shuddup.”

March 13th, 2009


“I once thought liberty was divisible, that you could have very great personal liberty within a framework of substantial state control of the economy, but I don’t mind saying I was quite wrong. The thing that finally convinced me was the issue of compulsory unionism.” …”Labour today is so deeply anti-creative, so organically and instinctually lacking in any positive impulses, that it actually likes banning things or people, for its own sake. It’s motto is: accentuate the negative. To ban, to boycott, to embargo, to exclude, blacklist, close down, shut up, silence, censure – these are the things which now come naturally to it, perhaps the only things it really knows how to do.”–Paul Johnson

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it–unless my associates, Tony and Guido here, should tell me you need to get your mind right.”–Jimmy “Sparks” Voltaire

So this gal goes to work one day at her analyst gig at Citibank. She reads the papers. She watches the news. And she can count money and she can count votes. So she reasons that the Employees Coerced Union Act has a good chance of passing. She further reasons that this could cost Wal-Mart money. So she bumps Wal-Mart down a peg to her clients–after all, it’s her job to make them money.

Hilarity ensues.

Suddenly, bloggers and Noted Free Speech Champions Hamsher, Klein and Yglesias are screaming that this analyst be silenced. Why? Because Citigroup took TARP money.

Funny how ACORN, Planned Parenthood, universities and every leftist interest group out there can take gobs of government money–and MUST NEVER be censored! But not business.

They called the analyst’s advice “reckless”, when it is, in fact, quite thoughtful and reckoned. They call it “political interference”, when it is, in fact, apolitical. If she honestly thought unionism would profit Wal-mart, she would tell her clients to buy. They call it “market interference”, when, in fact, this IS the market.

And what they insist on calling “interference” is better known to you and me as “free speech”.

If there is anyone practicing political intereference with the markets, it is these bloggers and their union pals, trying to silence honest business judgements they simply don’t want heard:

We wrote on February 13 about the letter from the labor consortium Change to Win to the Financial Services Roundtable, demanding that banks receiving Troubled Asset Relief Program money keep quiet about union “card check.” To its credit, the banking lobby hasn’t backed down. Now Big Labor is escalating, demanding in a February 23 letter to Secretary Timothy Geithner that Treasury muzzle the companies if they won’t muzzle themselves.
“Firms receiving significant TARP assistance continue to lobby against the interests of hard working taxpayers,” says the letter from Change to Win Chair Anna Burger. “For example, these firms continue to oppose legislation that would allow bankruptcy judges to modify mortgage loan terms, establish a Credit Cardholder’s Bill of Rights and protect consumers from corporations that bury mandatory arbitration clauses in fine print.”
Imagine that: Banks are daring to fight legislation that would reduce their profitability — and at a time when our public officials say they are desperate for banks to earn themselves out of trouble.

More Civics by Hoffa: “Since when is the secret ballot a basic tenet of democracy?”

That’s exactly the same thing what another famous Democrat once said; Public Safety Commisioner Bull Connor, when he was “assisting” Alabama’s Negroes in exercising their franchise. He even gave them Seeing-Eye German Shephards to help them find their way to the polls. And fire hoses to cool them off from the sweltering heat. Sometimes, you just need a helping hand to “vote right”.

Democrats are just thoughtful that way, Gosh Darn it.

But bloggers should know better.

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    March 13th, 2009 at 23:55 | #1
    Time for another hoffa to disappear forever
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